4 Favourite Mothers Day Treats

4 Favourite Mothers Day Treats

Mothers Day is just around the corner and I thought it would be fun to share 4 of my favourite Mothers Day treats. Every year I get a beautiful gift off Maxwell however every year I also get a few treats which I adore being treated to. Mothers Day is only once a year so it is lovely to be spoilt.

This Mothers Day, you have the chance to make the perfect coffee. Why not impress your Mum with a Beanies Chocolate Mini Coffee Stash? Although it is not a traditional present, it is something which will last your Mum after Mothers Day 2016.

The Beanies Chocolate Mini Stash contains 3 jars of our 50g flavour instant coffee in three chocolatey flavours: Chocolate Orange, Double Chocolate and Mint Chocolate. The Coffee tastes devine and makes a fantastic gift for any coffee loving mums out there that love that little extra boost through their day. At less than 2 calories per serving it’s the perfect gift for any chocolate lover!

All our flavours are 100% SUGAR FREE and Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans which means that this gift is suitable for most. Beanies Mini Chocolate Coffee Stash is on special offer at the present moment and is available to buy for just £10 including delivery.

This Mothers Day, why not treat your mum to tea and cake? Cake is always a firm favourite of mine on Mothers Day and can be teamed with a good, traditional, cup of English tea. The Co-op Rose Cake is beautifully presented and is very eye catching.

 The rose cake is something which will make your mum say wow on Mothers Day. The cake can easily feed 8. It is beautifully presented with baby pink icing on. The expertly piped pink design covers a sumptuous Victoria sponge which is soft and light to eat. The rose cake features a smooth buttercream and raspberry jam filling. The cake tastes out of this world and is truly delicious. 

It is priced at just £5 which I think is fantastic value.

4 Favourite Mothers Day Treats

I am a sucker for chocolate. It is one of my favourite things to eat. I love to sit in front of the TV and open a box of chocolates with Ben in the evening and relax. Between us our favourite chocolate selection is Ferrero.  Recently I was introduced to Ferrero Golden Gallery and have been hooked on them since. For anyone that does not know about Ferrero Golden Gallery, Ferrero Golden Gallery is a large box of chocolates which include 42 premium chocolates. The Ferrero Golden Gallery features 7 different types of Ferrero. Having not been able to try half the flavours presented in the box before I was very impressed. The box features the following:

Ferrero Manderly: Crisp Hazelnut-Covered Specialty, a Smooth Hazelnut Filling and Almond Center.

Ferrero Tenderly White: White Chocolate Praline with a Hazelnut Filling.

Ferrero Rocher: Whole Hazelnut in Milk Chocolate and Nut Croquante.

Ferrero Tenderly Torroncino: Milk Chocolate Praline with a Hazelnut Filling.

Ferrero Rondnoir: Fine Chocolate Covered Specialty, with a Dark Chocolate-Covered Hazelnut Centre in a Smooth Filling/

I find the Ferrero Golden Gallery makes a lovely gift for any chocolate or Ferrero loves out there. These are priced at just £6.50 in Tesco's at the present moment which I think is fantastic value for money. Treat your mum to a luxury, tasty gift at a great price. 

This Mothers Day, why not treat your Mum to a glass of wine with her dinner or after dinner? Why not enjoy chocolate, cheese or even olives with a glass of wine after a busy day? Echo Falls Wine makes the perfect gift this Mothers Day, not only is fantastic quality, it is a great way to sit back and relax. Echo Falls wine is sure to get taste buds working.

Echo Falls have added new flavours to their Fruit Fusion range. The Fruit Fusion range has been specially crafted to offer a refreshing easy-drinking style that’s loved by many with an extra twist of ripe fruitiness. White Peach & Mango is a favourite of mine from this range and is something which I would love to drink on Mothers Day once Maxwell is in bed.

There’s a bottle of Echo Falls for any occasion. 
RRP of a bottle of Echo Falls is just £4.25 making it brilliant value for money.

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