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About Mummy

My name is Helen
I am 24 years old
I live in Southampton, in the New Forest
I gave birth to Maxwell 1 day before my 20th birthday
I am addicted to cleaning
I love 1D
Blogging is my main hobby
I am a money saving expert and queen
My favourite colour is black
I love entering competitions
I love dedicating my life to bringing up my beautiful little boy
Family is very important

About Maxwell 

My name is Maxwell.

I am 4 Years old.
I live in a house near the water and the forest.
I like getting into a lot of mischief.
I love food and adore chocolate
I love playing with cool toys and have a large playroom
Mummy and I love Playmobil
I love being creative and I love building
I would love a puppy or a family pet
I love to dress up
I watch Peppa Pig every day
 When I grow up I would like to be a bus driver or a pirate



  1. Maxwell is adorable! I wish I knew how to 'blog' lol. I would love to share the adventures of our family.

  2. You seem a lovely young mum and have a gorgeous happy little boy x

  3. Maxwell is so Adorable Love your Blog! <3

  4. The New Forest is a beautiful part of the country. Me and my husband went down from Yorkshire a few years back for a holiday. Also Maxwell is utterly scrumptious! :)


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