Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Our New Home

Our move to our new house went perfectly on Friday. We took Maxwell to Auntie Rachel's on Thursday morning with his suitcase as he was staying the night. We then headed off to collect the keys for our new home. Mine and Ben's family helped to re-clean the house during the afternoon and my Dad and I cleaned the carpets upstairs. Everything was fresh and smelling nice ready for our furniture and massives of boxes on Friday. With everyones help on Friday by 8 pm all curtains and lampshades were hung, furniture put in place, beds made, clothes hung in wardrobes, and 95% of the boxes were unpacked. Our new home looked fantastic.

Maxwell had a lovely time with my sister Rachel. She took Maxwell to a farm with her friend and her toddler E on Thursday. Maxwell had a brilliant time and loved getting lots of fresh air as well as spending time with a little friend. Maxwell and E shared the food to feed the animals and Maxwell loved the chickens. As it was sunny they had their lunch and sat on their picnic mat. Maxwell had a fantastic time and was very tired. On Friday afternoon Rachel brought Maxwell to our new house and he helped her to put all his clothes and toys in his new bedroom.

Maxwell has settled well which I am glad about as this was one of my main worries before we moved. I thought that he would find it strange to adapt to a new house but he seems to be a very happy little boy in our new house. We have set up lots of his toys in the conservatory and he loves to go and get his cars to play in the lounge as he uses our large lounge mat as a car circuit with our legs being tunnels.

The new house has also helped me and Ben do daily tasks more easily. Ben is now able to clean his car in the driveway and it is much more easy to carry the shopping in from the car as before we sometimes had to park a long distance away from our maisonette and then carry shopping up the stairs and through 2 large doors.

The area we have moved to is fantastic. There is a lot of free space to roam and explore and today Maxwell and I walked to the Doctors. On the way we stopped at the stream and then went to the play park. Maxwell loves the slide and the climbing frame but is still uncertain on the swing. We did a little shopping and headed home. I am really happy to be bringing Maxwell up in this area, it is quiet, people are friendly and we love exploring the outdoors.

Ben, Maxwell and I love our new home.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Moving Day

Today is our moving day. I have been counting down to this day for months. The worry, the stress, plans, ideas and even money and love have gone into this move and I am hoping it really will go perfectly for us. For the next few days I wont be around much but I have scheduled a few posts which I will hope you enjoy.

What we are looking forward to:

Having stairs- For the last 2 years I have longed to run up and down stairs. I have longed to have that little bit of space separating Ben and I whilst he is sleeping in the day and whilst me and Maxwell want to play in the day. I want the opportunity to say to Maxwell "Stop climbing the stairs" - although this will really never happen as we have invested in 2 stair gates.
Having a garden- Most people take it for granted that they have a garden. I did until we did not have one. One of the most amazing things this summer is that Maxwell will have a garden. He will be able to play with his toys, we will be able to have BBQ's, we will be able to socialise with friends and we have a shed to keep clutter in.
Having our own driveway- For the last 2 years now we have had to carry a baby and toddler through the rain to our car.  We have had to walk down icy wet steps, we have had to stand hail, rain, wind and at times even thunder to walk to our car. This house is going to provide us with joy that there is a driveway and when it does rain, there is only center-meters to walk to that nice white door which will lead you to a nice dry house.
The Area- The area we are moving to is a better location than what we live in now. I can walk to catch a train to go shopping, I can walk and get a bus, I can walk to the local supermarket and most importantly I can walk to see my Grandad. I adore the area and although we are not so close so forest (It being at the end of the road) we are still extremely close to it and I am still looking forward to our wonderful forest car journeys.

Plans and changes in life:

Going out more- I am looking forward to going out more. This may mean walking to the local shops, visiting the local swimming pool or even going to more toddler themed groups with Max, I think the area will let me access all this and if not more. There is also the issue that I want to get skinny before August next year, so who knows... Maybe I will even take up a new sport.
Doing more activities with Maxwell- Whether these activities be cooking, crafting or playing out in the garden, I am really looking forward to it. I think this house will give us a little more room for Maxwell to burn his energy off everyday so there is more time for funner activities.

Not looking forward to:

Gardening- The garden is not the hugest garden you will ever see but it is big enough for Maxwell to have a lot of fun. The garden is pretty basic however I will still need to tidy the lawn, keep plants in shape and even maintain fences, trees and walkways.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

I Am Going To London... To Britmums 2014!

I'm so exciting to be attending Britmums Live in June, I am counting down the days! I thought I would join in the linky which you can find over on the Britmums site and introduce myself to anyone who was going to Britmums so they can look out for me. I also wanted to inform my readers why I am super excited to be attending, what I am looking forward to and i wanted to share a little more information about me. I just wanted take the time again to thank Nelsons Arnicare for sponsoring me, without you guys I would not be attending this event.

Name: Helen


Twitter ID: @mummytothemax

Height: 5 ft 2

Hair: Shoulder length - auburn colour, may be looking wild like a lion or it may just be straight.

Is this your first blogging conference? No, I was lucky enough to attend Britmums 2013. Apart from Britmums I have not attended any other conference.

Are you attending both days? I am staying over Friday night, so I will be attending both days.

What are you looking forward to at Britmums live 2014? I am looking forward to meeting lots of bloggers which I have been able to speak online but have not had the chance to meet in person. There are a special few who I am hoping to also meet before the event.  I am looking forward to connecting with new brands and I am looking forward to learning new things which hopefully will improve my blog. I am also looking forward to meeting the Nelson Team who have kindly sponsored me this year to attend the event. They will also be attending the event so please look out for them and say a huge hello.

What are you wearing? What I will be wearing all depends on if I manage to loose weight in the next few months. Normally I like to blend in and wear skinny jeans with a nice top and cardi, however if I manage to loose weight you may see me wearing a pretty maxi dress with some nice sandals.

What do you hope to gain from Britmums live 2014? I am hoping to gain inspiration from the speakers at the event this year. I am hoping to learn new things that will help improve my blog in 2014 but I am also looking to be inspired by peoples stories which they have to tell.

Do you have any tips to pass on to others who may not have been before? Be confident and introduce yourself to as many people as possible. Last year I went away wishing I had introduced myself to other bloggers and throughout the last year I have only managed to speak to them online and I have been left thinking "why did I not go and speak to this person?". I would also recommend taking a notebook or something which you can scribble on, last year I came up with lots of new ideas. If I did not take my note book and pen, I would never have had the chance to write down ideas and some of those ideas would have never made it to Mummy To The Max. The last tip I can say is ENJOY, the event goes so quick.

To all my fellow bloggers, please come and introduce yourself if you see me at the event. Last year I managed to miss a few people out and  I came home feeling saddened that I did not get the time to say hello. If you are travelling to Waterloo Station and wondering how to get to the venue via tube or have any other questions or perhaps want a travel buddy, drop me a line and I will try and help. See you all there.