Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Max the Master Of Disguise

It is that time of the month again where Max is "The Master Of Disguise". For the third month in a row we invite Mummy To The Max readers to caption Max's photo. Once again there is a £5 Amazon voucher up for grabs for the lucky winner. Well done to last month's lucky winner - Bex Smith. 

This month we look forward to reading all your captions. We had fun looking at last months.
To enter this months competition all you need to do is enter the simple rafflecopter below. Good Luck.

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Our Busy Easter Weekend

This weekend has seemed to have flown by. For us it has been very busy, fun and exciting. We managed to fit so much in and have had such a relaxing time. Here is what we got up to:

Saturday: On Saturday we went to Fareham and we went shopping. Saturdays are normally short days as Ben goes to bed early in the morning as he works Friday nights. We normally go out in the afternoon once Ben had managed to catch up on a little sleep. It was Ben's birthday on Friday, so Ben wanted to spend some of his Birthday money which he received. Unfortunately the shopping centre there was quite disappointing as there were not a lot of decent shops in the shopping centre, so we left empty handed. On the way home Ben accidently took a wrong turning and we ended up in Portsmouth. We were stuck in loads of traffic for ages and Maxwell was not impressed. Fortunately there is a new road being built which no one really knows about and we managed to get onto the road, turn around and head home. Once home I stayed up late to prepare Maxwell's Easter Egg Hunt for him.

Sunday: Maxwell woke up to a letter from the Easter bunny and a fun Easter Egg Hunt round the house.  Unfortunately it was raining so we were unable to hunt around the garden. Maxwell did really well at finding the Easter goodies and he had a lot of fun finding them. Once the hunt was over Maxwell was rewarded with a new book and a new game, which I am hoping will help improve his speech a little. Once the hunt was over we got ready to go out for our Easter/Ben's Birthday meal. We decided to go to a local restaurant which is a short drive away. Overall we had a really lovely time at the meal and the food was great. We would love to return there again soon, perhaps when it is a little less busy.

Monday: Monday was my favourite day of our busy weekend. Monday saw us get up very early and go to Frankie and Bennys. I had won a £20 breakfast voucher with them recently so I was keen to try their breakfast out with Ben and Maxwell. We had a wonderful time and we were treated to full english breakfasts, pancakes and ice cream and even a sausage and egg muffin. As it was Bank holiday Monday, I am unsure if many people knew they were open as they were extremely quiet which meant we got great service and our food was delivered fast.
After we had ventured to Frankies, we popped home to get Maxwell's pushchair and made our way to the new shopping outlet in Whitley Village. It was quite busy as they had a charity event on however we managed to miss most of the crowd and finish our shopping before it was time to go home. We all got treated to a few bits and whilst there we even got to meet a few new friends.


Overall we had a fantastic weekend. I am looking forward to having lots more busy, fun weekends as soon as the weather picks up a little. Did you have a good Easter weekend? What activities did you get up to?

Monday, 21 April 2014

We Are Going on Holiday - Preparation

Ben, Maxwell and I are so excited as we are going on holiday in June. We are going to Bluestone in Wales so it will be a long journey for us as we live in the New Forest in Hampshire. I think it very important to plan what we will need for the journey and what to take with us as we all want to enjoy ourselves.

I must admit I have bought lots of new clothes for Maxwell ... and a few for myself. As we will be going swimming I will include swimming nappies, arm bands, a float, sun hats, a UV sun protection suit and high factor sun protection (just in case the weather is very kind to us). I have also included a special Huggies Swimming Mat which means that Maxwell will not have to lay/stand on any cold, wet floors in the changing rooms. We will take the pushchair and parasol for Maxwell although he much prefers to walk, just incase he gets too tired when we are out and about. I will pack Maxwell a back pack with his favourite toys but also will include some small books, a colouring book and some crayons. I think it important to include a small first aid kit and anti-bacterial hand wash also just incase any accidents happen whilst we are out and about or just incase we sit down to eat. We do not want to be picking up any nasty germs.

We are planning to make several stops during our journey so that Maxwell can stretch his legs. We will take some story/song CDs to keep Maxwell entertained I will take my tablet also so Maxwell is able to play some games which I plan on downloading. He may take a nap so a light blanket will be included. We will also take a bag of snacks and drinks just in case we get caught in traffic, however we can also stop off at the service station for food if needs be.

Maxwell is normally a great sleeper at home, so I think we may take his travel cot with us. I will also take his bedding, a small night light and his favourite toy to take to bed.The company do not provide baths with their rooms, so I am trying to make Maxwell use a shower at home so he gets used to them. If Maxwell dislikes showers, we may have to find a special little travel bath for him to use.

We will take our camera with us so we can take lots of photos to record our first holiday with a toddler and I may take my laptop as there is free Wifi there so I can blog about our first toddler holiday experience as well as Instagram it whilst it is actually happening.

It is all so exciting ... Have you any suggestions of what we should include? Have you been to Bluestone and if so what activities would you reccomend?

This is part of a series of posts I shall be writing about our holiday to Bluestone in Wales.
We have been given the opportunity to review Bluestone and have been given a free holiday however everything in these posts are my own honest opinions