Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Win A Hippychick Wheelybugs Bumble Bee Toy #MummyToTheMaxIs3

It's Mummy To The Max's three-year birthday! Mummy To The Max is bringing you a set of fun set of competitions for the occasion, that have been running all month. For our seventh competition, you are in with the chance of winning a fantastic Hippychick Wheelybugs Small Bumble Bee toy.

The Hippychick Wheelybugs Bumble Bee toy has been donated to Mummy To The Max by Baby's Mart who are lovely, family run on-line retail specialists (www.babys-mart.co.uk). Baby's Mart ensure that their customers have the best experience, whether you call their sales team, ask for advice or put an order through the website - they are there every step of the way.

Baby's Mart is dedicated to sourcing only the leading quality brands that parents can trust. They are stockists of: Silver Cross, Britax, Kiddy, Joolz, Maxi Cosi, Quinny, Cosatto, Hauck and Baby Style. They also have a wide range of nursery furniture. A lovely thing that Baby's Mart also has is a repairs workshop where they undertake most repairs in-house to provide their customers the most complete and thorough service that they can possibly offer.

To celebrate Mummy To The Max's birthday, Baby's Mart is giving one lucky reader of Mummy To The Max the chance to win a Hippychick Wheelybugs Small Bumble Bee. Please note that the prize can be subject to change and another Wheelybugs design may be sent.

To be in with a chance of winning all you simply need to do is enter the rafflecopter below.

Good Luck!

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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Top 5 Deals To Treat The Kids With

This holiday I have been looking around for some promotions that Maxwell and I can use to keep him entertained over the holidays. I have come up with 5 money saving deals that will help you keep your children entertained however keeping your children entertained will not break the bank balance.


This summer why not order your child a free Toucan Box. Inside the box you are able to find fun craft ideas. The box is ideal to keep your child entertained on a wet, windy day. To order your box simply sign up to Toucan here. You need to add the code "jmc2" and your address and add payment details. Once you receive your first box you need to ensure you cancel your subscription to the service or you will be made to pay for the box subscription.


This half term you are able to get a 'free' cinema ticket on Sundays at participating cinemas when you buy promotional chocolate pouches before 14th October 2015. The bags include M&M's, Maltesers, Minstrels, Galaxy Counters and Revels. In order to get your "free" ticket you need to buy four small pouches or two large pouches. Our local cinema is a Cineworld cinema. At the moment some of the pouches are on promotion at the supermarket meaning a Sunday ticket will cost you around £4 once you have bought 4 small pouches. We have asked friends and family who may not want to take part in the promotion to save us there pouches. This summer you are able to get 2 tickets per person. If you buy chocolate in your household, this deal is fab for you!


One of the best deals that I have seen with Tesco Clubcard this summer is their fantastic deal where you are able to get a pizza, pasta or salad from Pizza Express for just £2 with their Clubcard deals. You are able to get 3 meals per visit which is fantastic when you are a smaller family like us. The offer is only avaliable on a Tuesday or a Wednesday however seeing as a pizza is normally £10+, 3 meals will cost you less than 1 meal at Pizza  Express regular price. All vouchers that are bought for this deal must be redeemed by Wednesday 16th September 2015


If you are on O2, download O2 priority. Luckily for us, Ben and I are both on O2 priority which means every Monday we benefit from their £1 lunch. Recently we have been going to Boots on a Monday and picking up a £1 lunch deal. We try and buy the packs of sandwiches where you get 3 sandwiches in. This in turn allows us to give Maxwell 2 sandwiches which means we can all eat for £2 and enjoy a little picnic at our local beach. You can also benefit from getting the £1 Dominos deal where you are able to get a personalised size pizza with one topping as well as the £1 WHSMITH deal.


This year the NHS is offering you and your child a fun Disney shake up pack to enjoy. You are able to choose from a Toy Story pack, A Frozen pack, A Monsters Inc pack or a Big Hero 6 pack. The pack includes a A 10 Minute Shake Up team wristband with timer, a Disney team poster and stickers, some 10 Minute Shake Up activity cards and wild cards and a very special team move to practice your shake up. This is a fun freebie which will keep the children entertained this summer.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Infruitation Bottles - A Review

For a long while I had a obsession with fizzy drinks however over time I weaned myself off them. Slowly but surely I have gone back to drinking water and juice and have decided against drinking sugary drinks and energy drinks. Since Maxwell has been born he has always enjoyed juice or water and has been stuck in his ways about what he wants to drink however recently he has started wanting to try different drinks. With the holidays and hot summer days around the corner I was excited to try the Infruitation bottles with Maxwell.

Recently we were asked by Infruitation if we would like to try their bottles. For anyone that has not heard of Infruitation, Infruitation bottles are a smart way of staying hydrated. Opting out of buying expensive fruit juices along with expensive flavored bottle water, you are now able to make your own flavored drinks thanks to the Infruitation bottle.

The Infruitation bottle is like a regular flask that your or your child are able to drink out of however there is a little extra. Inside the bottle there is a chamber which is large enough to house fruit, herbs or veggies. When you have added your required ingredient along with water, the ingredient releases its flavour into the water. Depending on what ingredient you use, the flavour can be as strong or as weak as you would like it to be. Because of this, it ensures you have healthy water. You are able to choose what ingredients you want in your drink and no sugars, chemicals or any other nasty ingredients are added into your drinks.

Maxwell and I both decided on having strawberries in our bottles. We cut around 7 strawberries each and added them to the chamber of our bottles. We found that we needed to leave the strawberries for over a hour in the water to start getting a good taste of flavoring in our water. Since trying the strawberries we have since had cucumber, raspberries and blackberries in our bottles however we have found that our favourite ingredient so far is the raspberries.

The bottles are a great size to take to school, have at home or have on days out. The bottles come in a variety of colours which suit everyone's tastes. Maxwell has a red one and I have a yellow bottle however the bottles also come in the colours blue and green.

The Infruitation bottles have some great features which include having a leak proof lid. This is fantastic for younger children due to the fact they can often be clumsy and spill their drinks. The bottle is also dishwasher safe which in turn saves parents having to spend time washing their or their child's bottle up.

If there was something that I could change about the Infruitation bottles, it would be the fact that the opening on the lid can get in the way of being able to drink out the bottle with ease and sometimes it can make it hard to drink out of the bottle. Although this is a small problem for me, it may not be a problem for others.

Overall I think the Infruitation bottle is a fabulous creation. It helps and encourages me to drink healthier. By having one of these bottles, I am now always thinking of new ingredients to add to my water and I am feeling much healthier from drinking fruit/vegetable flavored water. 

The Infruitation bottle retails at £15.99 which I think is a reasonable price. You are able to purchase the Infruitation bottle from their website which you are able to find here.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this post
However I did receive the product for the purpose of this review. This post is written in my own words.