Friday, 19 September 2014

A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Max has been having fun outside
  2. Maxwell's speech appointment went well
  3. Maxwell celebrated Great Grandads 86th Birthday
  4.  Maxwell is looking forward to getting a new wardrobe and new shoes
  5. Maxwell has a small addiction to stickers. 
This week Maxwell has been having a lot of fun outside. Maxwell and I have been out and about a lot and we have spent some time going to a few of our local parks. We are lucky where we live and around us we have around 3 parks which are walking distance. Maxwell's favorite park has a choice of two slides, a car, swings and other play equipment. This week we decided to hike there and Maxwell had tons of fun, on our way back Maxwell had lots of fun jumping in puddles!

Maxwell's speech has been a big concern of mine recently, I have been loosing sleep over it and worrying madly. On Friday we went to see a speech therapist, who along with another lady decided that although Maxwell did have a delay, it was nothing major and they would hope he would not be on there books for long. It was a great session and it was a huge relief to know there was very little wrong with Maxwell. We have a few activities which we need to do at home to encourage Maxwell's speech and the speech therapists will be attending Maxwell's nursery sessions in a few weeks time to see how he is getting on.

This week we celebrated my Grandads 86th Birthday which meant we got to see my parents when we visited my Grandad. It was brilliant to spend time with my parents and Grandad and Maxwell really enjoyed himself. He spent hours playing bat and ball with my Dad and he loved giving cuddles to my Mum. My Grandad also seemed to enjoy himself, he was very spoilt with presents and was also given a large amount of cake!

Now it is nearly Autumn time, I am looking to update Maxwell's wardrobe. Yesterday  I wrote about a few items I would love to buy for him to keep him looking cool and trendy but this weekend will see us hit the shops and get Maxwell some new Autumn clothing. We will also be visiting Clarks to get him some shoes which will be suitable for him to attend preschool in as I would hate him to go in his Converse trainers and allow his feet to get wet and muddy. We are looking to buy Maxwell some nice leather shoes that will be suitable for him to wear at preschool but also suitable for him to walk to preschool in. We will also be looking to buy him some spare wellies to keep at preschool.

Maxwell has a big sticker addiction, this week we have seen Maxwell complete a sticker book, a activity book full of stickers and use lots of stickers out of 2 magazines. It is great he has started to show a interest in stickers and I am looking forward to this week, when I am able to show him that stickers can be made into art work.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Feeling Blue With Autumn

Autumn has started setting in and I have been on the look out for some fab new items for Maxwell's wardrobe. The weather is starting to get that little bit colder and Maxwell is in need of a few new items to attend preschool in. Every item above, I adore and I will be making quite a few purchases! This post is blue themed however some items have a little splash of colour.

Next is my favorite place to buy Maxwell jeans. Only this week, whilst at preschool Maxwell has managed to ruin 2 pairs of jeans. All his Next jeans however have taken everything preschool has had to offer them and they are still ok to wear however they are getting a little short on the leg. I am a massive fan of skinny jeans on Maxwell so these jeans are a must have and I will be purchasing them in the next few weeks. 

Maxwell already has a pair of Joules Wellies however I have to say they are getting slightly small so Maxwell will need a new pair soon. I adore the fun design on these wellies and I think they would look fab with the jeans that I have picked for Maxwell. I often wait for Joules to have a sale and try and grab Maxwell a pair of wellies at a bargain price, here's hoping they will have a sale soon!

Marks and Spencer's caters for all the family however they also cater well for children. Since Maxwell was born he has been in and out of Marks and Spencer clothing and it has never failed me. I am in love with this jumpers design and it is something I will be buying to keep Maxwell looking trendy but warm this winter.

I am a huge fan of duffle coats and as soon as I set eyes on this coat, I knew it was something that Maxwell needed in his wardrobe. Although it is not practical for all types of weathers, it is cute, trendy, looks warm and is perfect to wear with a nice pair of jeans.

Hat Set
I adore this hat set and I think it is a big bargain. I love the colour which is splashed over the set and I personally think the set is something which would not only keep Maxwell warm but also go with many of his outfits. The hat set is a bargain and I will be buying  a set for Maxwell to accompany him on cold days out.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Johnson’s Baby First Touch Products

Before Maxwell was born I already had a idea of what products I would use on his skin. I was aware that baby's skin was sensitive and I hated the thought of putting something on Maxwell's skin which he may react to. After talking to other parents I heard lots of positive things about the brand Johnson's, since Maxwell was born we have used Johnson's bath products. Maxwell's skin has always been soft and he has never had a reaction to their products.

Maxwell and I were lucky enough to receive a bundle of the new First Touch range from Johnson's. The range included: All in one wash, moisturising lotion, barrier cream, shampoo and wipes. The new First Touch range is a brand new fragrance-free range developed for newborns that includes everything mums need to cleanse and protect their baby’s delicate skin from top to toe.

First of all we tried the wipes. Over time we have tried lots of different brands of wipes and to date we have been extremely happy with the Johnson's brand. Previously we have tried other brands and have found that the wipes are to wet or to dry and tend to come out in clumps which make it hard when changing nappies and cleaning messy hands and faces. When we tried the new First Touch range wipes we found that they were wet enough, did not come out in clumps and they did not split. They were perfect to use on Maxwell's skin and came in a large pack of 64 which means that they would last over a long period of time.

Secondly we tried the  First Touch shampoo and all in one wash. Maxwell is a huge fan of baths and adores nothing more than splashing around in a lot of bubbles. The all in one wash can be carefully poured into the bath due to its great pouring hole which is fairly small. This allows the all in one wash to flow into the bath instead of going into the bath clumpy which makes it harder to break down so less bubbles form. The First Touch shampoo was also a hit in our household, I used very little shampoo to wash Maxwell's hair however the shampoo seemed to spread out well and a lot of bubbles were formed meaning Maxwell's hair had a good wash. I liked the fact that these products were fragrance free as after bath time I do not always want to smell a strong smell of bath products on Maxwell's skin.

The Johnson’s Baby First Touch range is available at many supermarkets, chemists and also Boots.