Our Year - 2014

We are now in 2015 and I am looking forward to the year. I have so many plans, so many ideas and so many things I want to achieve this year and I hope that you my readers will share this years journey with me.

Last year had its up and downs but overall it has shaped me into a better person. I have learnt so much about myself, so much more about blogging and I am starting 2015 on a positive. This will be my 3rd year of blogging, however I wanted to look back on my 2nd year of blogging and see all the post's which I wrote. I have featured my favorite 12 below. They feature sad times, happy times and exciting things Maxwell and I got up to.

When my beautiful Nan died, it hit me hard but I think it hit certain family members more. I am so proud with how our family have coped this year but most of all I am incredibly proud of my Grandad who has tried to stay strong throughout and my Mum who has been everyone's shoulder to cry on and has more than likely put her emotions last to support us all.
This was one of the hardest post's that I wrote in 2014 however it is one of the post's that makes me smile the most. I love reading this post over and over again because not only does it make me cry but it brings me joy, joy that I got to share 22 years with an amazing women. My Nan will never be forgotten and where ever she is now, she is still with us and will be with us forever.

In February I took part in the Mum tag and it is crazy to think this was nearly a year ago. Some things have changed in the last year but being a mum isn't one. I am so proud of Maxwell and I loved looking back on this post to see our thoughts and opinions. I would love to do another up to date Mum tag soon.

In March I wrote a post which had lots of thoughts and feelings in. It was a reflection on the past few years and I loved reading this back. This post spoke about me as a young parent, how I was proud of Ben and how we were looking forward to moving into our first real home together. Everything which I wrote in that post still stands and I found many months of happiness. I hope that happiness continues.

In April we celebrated Easter and I found our post about our busy Easter Weekend. I remember what a fab weekend we had and I remember the effort which was made to make Maxwell's Easter magical. I am really looking forward to Easter again this year and I am hoping to make it as magical as the last one for Maxwell.

In May I wrote this post which was a post that was close to my heart. I highlighted the problems for working parents and how I felt the system where certain children were handed free preschool places whilst others had to pay was unfair. Since writing this post we have paid for Maxwell to attend preschool. He has come on leaps and bounds because he has attended preschool and if we had not paid for him to go I worry how Maxwell may have developed. Although Maxwell's speech is still not quite there it is improving and he is now getting the help he needs. My thoughts in this post still stands and one day I hope the system changes. I won't pretend finding the money for Maxwell to go to preschool was easy because Ben and I have gone without things so Maxwell can go however it was well worth it and Maxwell has learnt tons of new skills which will benefit him in life because of it.

In June I wrote a positive post about celebrating my 2 year blog anniversary. 2 years seems like such a long time to write your thoughts, feelings on a blog but I have loved every second and I can not wait to continue into my 3rd year. Looking back at all these posts today I am so happy that I started my little blog. I have written so many memorable moments about Maxwell's life which I would have maybe forgot if I had not written them down.

In July I wrote this post about judgmental parents and it was a post I felt strongly about. At the time it was something which was relevant not only in the media but my day to day life. Luckily my daily life has changed now and I am blessed to have wonderful people surrounding me however it is something which I still see in the media daily. I think it would be lovely to see everyone get along however I am unsure if this will ever happen. The media loves to stir and unfortunately people like to believe everything some people write which is normally inaccurate.

In August Maxwell and I created some amazing memories and I blogged about having 31 days of fun, We got up to so many different things however one of our favorite activities was going on the steam train in Eastleigh. We had such an amazing day out and we are looking forward to going again soon. It was one of our best days out in 2014.

This was one of my favorite review posts which we wrote in 2014 - When Grandad came to tea! It was such a fun post to write. It was a competition entry, although we did not win the competition, we put a whole load of effort into our entry and we created lots of memories doing so, For anyone wondering about Grandad's whereabouts... Grandad will be back in 2015!

It is post's like these which I love to look back on - what we did weekly. There will be plenty more of these post's come 2015 and I can not wait to share them. I loved the fact that this post highlights Maxwell having his first hair cut and at that point in his life he was obsessed with light up toys. Come January 2015 he is not so obsessed and is more into cars, trains and his play kitchen. It is funny how things change.

In November I wrote this post about how I wish our lives would change for the better. I am hoping 2015 will allow us to have a better lifestyle. In 2015 I am looking at ways in how I can share money saving ideas with you. I have so many ideas and there is so many things which I do to save money but I normally do not have time to share my ideas with you. I hope this is the year I save money, meet new money saving friends and get to talk about saving money everywhere!

In December my favorite post which I wrote was about our Christmas 2014. It was a special one and one which I enjoyed a lot, the only thing I wish I had done more of is taken more photos as I had a lack of them. I loved spending time with my family and I enjoyed taking a back seat from my blog for a few weeks. I can not wait for Christmas 2015, I hope it will be bigger and better than Christmas 2014!

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