A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell is making a lot more sounds
  2. Maxwell enjoys going for walks
  3. Maxwell has started having tantrums
  4. Maxwell gets more helpful everyday
  5. Maxwell is coping well with the hot weather.
Maxwell has been making a lot more sounds this week. He still is not able say words however he does try. He can say Mumma and Dadda but he now tries to say car often as well as the word NO! He has also become more giggly and a little more screechy!

Maxwell has finally found his feet and is enjoying walking around outside. He has been going up and down the road and is very good at holding hands. He does not run off and gets excited about brushing past trees and plants. Its lovely to see him enjoying the sun.

Maxwell has been having tantrums over the last week which are not nice. They are not everyday but they are over silly things, only yesterday did he have a tantrum over a cake which ended up in the bin. He gets put in his cot and is told it is wrong so I am hoping it is something he will grow out of soon. Until then I will have to grin and bare his outbursts.

Although the tantrums have been a pain Maxwell is still very helpful around the house. He gets smarter each day and shows a interest in helping out around the house. This week he has learnt to help get his breakfast ready each morning and throws his rubbish in the bin, however I am a little scared he keeps putting other things in the bin as things keep going missing.

This hot weather is not fun for anyone but Maxwell has coped well.  He has been drinking a lot of juice and has been chomping on lots of cold fruit and salad items. His favorite thing to eat is juicy cucumber. Maxwell enjoys going out for walks in the sun however he hates wearing a hat. It is hot in the house so Maxwell enjoys sitting and playing with toys.

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  1. Aww bless him! He's really growing up fast...Probably too fast for your liking! :)


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