A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

Maxwell has his own purse
Maxwell has a new special box

  1. Maxwell has started eating cereal
  2. Maxwell has his own purse
  3. Maxwell has a special box where he is able to put his special items
  4. Maxwell visited Whitley Village 
  5. Maxwell is enjoying the sun
Maxwell has always been a bit funny about eating food since he refused to eat when I fed him. Since then he enjoys to eat only dry foods which he can handle. Its been a pain finding him foods to enjoy however he loves fruit, salad and Veg which is the main thing. 
This week I tried Maxwell with some All-Bran cereal dry. Maxwell really enjoyed it.

Maxwell has always shown a interest in my purse however bits kept going missing when he played with it. recently A.Rachel dug out a little purse for him to play with. Its not great- It has girly flowers all over it, however it has helped Maxwell learn to put things in his purse and also helped him learn how to open and close the zip.

This week I have been tripping over Maxwell's smaller toys, so I decided to buy him a special box to put them in to keep them all safe. I bought him a small Lego brick which is very bright and Maxwell loves it. 

A new shopping center opened this week and Maxwell and I went to visit. Maxwell had a great time shopping and he also went and had his feet measured. His feet still have not grown so he is not needing any new shoes as of yet.

The weather has improved a lot and Maxwell is enjoying the sun. We have been out on his trike and we have also spent the afternoon round A. Rachels playing in the garden with Ronnie the rabbit. Maxwell loves running around outside and he loves kicking a ball.

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