Life As It Is Now...

Once upon a time, I said I would not stop blogging. Then everything changed.

As we entered 2018, from the outside it looked like I had it all, little did people know I felt unhappy, depressed and sad about my life. A few short months after, I became a single parent overnight, unexpectedly. At the time I felt like I had lost everything. I felt I was unable to talk about everything that had and was happening to me and I felt scared about my future.

They say time is a healer... now I am back on a beautiful journey. Over the last few months I have grown into a stronger person, I have started doing things for me, I say yes to making plans more times than I say no and I am enjoying every adventure I have ridden on. At times I feel lost, I feel scared and I feel hurt by peoples actions and their behaviour however I know deep down, everything happens for a reason.

As the months have gone by I have done more things for me.

I am in employment. This is one thing that I longed for. I was bought up in a working class family and since the age of 16 I always worked however when Maxwell was born, I was forced to quit work. For several years I begged my son's Dad to look after our son, to help with childcare and allow me to work part time, however due to his actions, I was left as a stay at home parent whilst my son's Father was the "breadwinner" of the family. At the time of mine and Maxwell's Dad's split, I had very little income. Fortunately a few short months after Maxwell's father left us, a job opportunity came up meaning that I am now able to work 5 days a week. My job is a short drive away from my home and it allows me to do school pick ups in the afternoon. Although it isn't my dream job, I work with some brilliant people and I love the work routine that I have got myself into. I feel satisfied knowing that I am working hard to put food on my son's table and keep a roof over our heads.

My weight loss journey? That has continued and I have now lost over 3 and a half stone. Slimming World became my best friend over a number of months and this year, I was voted Young Slimmer Of The Year.  I never dreamt of scooping up such an nomination and I never dreamed of winning such a award. I can not explain how thrilled I was to actually win. The fact people believed in me, believed in my weight loss journey and believed in my story, meant everything and more.

My personal life? I guess that will follow on from this post.

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