Slimming World Update - March

Slimming World Update - March

This month has been a slow month for Slimming World. This month my weight loss slowed down which I am a little sad about. I am welcoming the month of March and I am hoping to have a much better weight loss month.

How I did this month:
This month I feel I let myself down a little. This month has been a fairly stressful month with me starting a new course, having a death in the family and half term, I feel the scales reflected this. In total I lost 4.5lb. I know a 4.5lb is a loss that can not be sniffed at as I am still losing weight however I normally aim to lose more than this and I feel I could have done better.

Goals for this month:
Last month, I spoke about wanting to walk more and I have managed to continue doing this. I am still enjoying walking Maxwell back and forth to school and if I am out and about with Ben and we have driven to our destination I ask him to park further away so I have a few more steps to walk. Moving on from what I did last month, I would love to lose more weight that I did last month and stay a little more focused.

My favourite meal this month:
This month I felt like I was really missing pizza. I felt tempted to eat pizza from the takeaway and felt tempted to buy a pizza from the supermarket however I knew if I did this, the syns would overweigh the enjoyment of the food I was eating so I decided to make my own. Over the past month I have made lots of different pizzas including cauliflower base pizza however at the moment I am loving Weight Watcher wrap based pizza's. You will need the following to create these:
Weight Watcher Low Fat Wraps - Acts as a healthy extra
Tomato Puree
Cheese - 25g - Healthy Extra
Choice of toppings

How am I feeling?
This month I am feeling well. I dropped a dress size which is amazing to me as dropping dress sizes is always a move in the right direction. I am getting a little bit more confident at buying different clothes and buying clothes that are colourful as I previously only wore baggy stuff that was black. I can not wait to carry on buying myself a new wardrobe as the time goes on by.

This week I have been using December as motivation. In December I turn 26 and it is also a busy month for us with Christmas. I would love to look "slim" in pictures taken in December and I am using that month as a focus. I am also loving a website which I found called "I Lost What?". Everytime I get a weight loss I look forward to adding how much I lost into their calculator and finding out how much I have shifted. So far I have learnt I have lost the weight of a car tyre and I am currently sat on loosing 16 basketballs!

Anything that will get in my way:
There is nothing that should get in my way this month however I feel the unexpected may happen and set me off my Slimming World path. I really hope this does not happen and I get a huge weight loss this month which will motivate me and see me drop another dress size.

Overall I am excited to see what I manage to achieve in March and I can not wait to share my weight loss with you at the start of April. To follow my journey follow me on Instagram. You can view my profile here.

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