Slimming World Update - Feb 2017 -

Since November I have been on a Slimming World Journey. After years of feeling unhappy in my own body, having lost confidence, missing out on opportunities and feeling sluggish, I felt I needed to change my lifestyle and focus on me and my health. I now plan to blog about my journey to creating a healthy mind, a healthy body and a happier mummy.

How I did this month:
In the past few months since I started my Slimming World Journey I have lost a total of 17.5lb which in itself amazes me. In just a few short months I have learnt so much about food. I have learnt food can be your friend, you can eat to a degree as much as you like but you need to be aware of what you are putting into your body. Over Christmas I stayed on board my Slimming World train and as of yet I have not slid back into my old ways and I do not plan to. This month I am striving for a good weight loss.

Goals for this month:
Over the past few weeks I have been making an effort to get up and walk. I have started going dog walking with my friend once a week, I have turned down car lifts with my friends, opting to walk instead and I add extra steps to as many journeys as I can. In January I purchased myself a Fitbit and this year I am hoping to complete the 1000 mile challenge. February is going to be the month I start this challenge and I would love to walk 1000 miles before January 2018. This month I aim to eat as clean as possible and walk as much as possible.

My favourite meal this month:
Before I started Slimming World I was not adventurous about cooking different meals. Since starting Slimming World I have been enjoying a range of different meals. At the moment I love making   Chicken Stirfry. It is a simple, quick, cheap easy meal which I can cook for myself and Max if Ben is working.
You will need:
Waitrose Egg Noodles, Fine/Medium, dried (100g cooked) - Syn Free
Amoy Soy Sauce, Dark/Light/Reduced Salt (per 100ml) - Free
Essential Waitrose Crunchy Vegetables - Free
Ocado British Chicken Breast Fillets - Free
Schwartz Perfect Shake Cajun (3g serving) - Free

Slimming World Chicken Stir Fry

How am I feeling?
Overall I am feeling a lot healthier. Before I started Slimming World I found myself getting tired very easily however I feel less sluggish and a lot happier and I can not wait for my body to adjust to my weight loss. I can not wait to be running around and eventually I would love to start hitting the gym.
For a long time I have hated buying myself clothes. I hated the way clothes fitted me and I hated the way they looked on me. My worst nightmare would be visiting my local shopping centre and going shopping for any sort of clothing. Over a long period of time I have only wanted to buy handbags and shoes however with my weight loss I am starting to see that my old clothing is getting baggier. Although I am in the same clothes I was in before my weight loss journey started, I know eventually I will need to start buying stuff that is better fitted to my changing body shape.

In January we booked a holiday for a few months time. This month I am using that holiday as the motivation to lose weight. For years I have been ashamed to go swimming with Maxwell and this year it is something which I would love to start doing with him.
My overall motivation at the moment is being able to fit back into size 10 clothing, feeling happier about myself and having a healthier body.

Anything that will get in my way:
This month I feel nothing can get in the way of my weight loss journey. We have no family events to attend, no occasions to celebrate and no holidays, weekend breaks away or days out planned that will stop me getting to where I want to achieve.

Overall I am excited to see what I manage to achieve in February and I can not wait to share my weight loss with you at the start of March. To follow my journey follow me on Instagram. You can view my profile here.

Slimming World Motivation

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