I am back.....

For the last month I have been rather silent on this little blog space of mine. I have been around on social media however for the last month I have found myself not opening my emails, not publishing posts and not staying up to date with things. The main reason for this is Maxwell.

In just 2 weeks time, Maxwell will be starting school. For us both, it is an exciting time however as Maxwell's mummy it is also such a sad time. For 4 years it has been just Maxwell and I at home. It has always been us together and I have got used to having him home 4 full days a week. Maxwell will now be at school for 5 full days a week and this will take some time getting used to.

Gone are the days where we could go shopping and miss the busy crowds, gone are the days we could book days out and not have to worry how busy the venue would be and if we were going to get the most for our money, gone are the days where we could do something spontaneous and unplanned. From now on, everything focuses on those 5 days where Maxwell is at school full time and those 2 days where he is at home with me and Ben.

For the past 6 weeks, I have been all about creating fantastic memories with Maxwell. In 6 weeks we have managed to go on a week long holiday, go to a festival, meet up with school friends, see our family, along with going on fun family days out. I wanted to create Maxwell a summer that we were together as one and a summer packed with lots of memories.

This is the first time I have taken a step back from my blog in the 4 years which I have ran it. I felt I needed to take this step back for me, Maxwell and Ben.

Time with little ones is so precious, children really do grow so fast. This summer reminded me that we didn't need happy family Instagram photos to show that we were having fun, I didn't need to tell the world what we were doing on our days out and I didn't really need to worry to much about the cost of going places because even a walk in the forest, a trip to the beach and a trip to the park were the things which mattered to Maxwell. Being loved, having fun and creating memories meant the most to Maxwell.

Although these 6 weeks have flashed by, it is the best 6 weeks I have managed to have with my little family and I can't wait for these 6 weeks to meet us in 2017 where again, we will make sure Maxwell has another unforgettable summer. Until then, I am focussing on the evenings I get to spend with Maxwell at home, the weekends where we can go on amazing day trips and of course, the fun but hectic half terms and Christmas holidays.

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