Recently I have been very quiet on my blog. I have not fallen out of love with blogging, I still love blogging but I find my time is spent with Maxwell and my family a lot more than what it was 6 months ago. Over the next few months I hope to get the balance right and I hope to start posting on here more regularly... Once upon I time I managed to post on here nearly every day.

The last month has been packed. We have managed to fit so many things into June and so far, it has been one of my favourite months of the year. We have created so many memories, our lives were changed and there have been so many happy and exciting moments.

In just a few short months, Maxwell will be attending school. I am amazed that my little man will be 5 in December and it has not sunk in that he will be attending school full time starting in September. It is such a overwhelming feeling and I know that I am going to miss our days together. For the last 4 years it has been me and Maxwell and no one has really got in the way of that. I feel that I took the first 2 years of Maxwell's life for granted with the time I got to spend with Max and I feel the last 2 years I have been running myself dead with wanting to fit as much as possible in with him. It is safe to say there will be a few tears when he goes to school but I know we will still have our days at the weekend together and the evening will still be ours to create memories.

Speaking of schools, we visited Maxwell's new school this week and his new teacher also visited Maxwell's preschool. We also attended an open evening at his new school where we found out that Maxwell will have a male teacher - Maxwell is thrilled with the thought of this and is very excited to be starting big boy school. Having attended open evening a few days ago and having another look around the school and hearing about the activities that they offer, I know deep in my heart, we have picked the right school for Maxwell. We feel the school meets his needs, has extra activities that will benefit Maxwell and we feel the school is a great school that works hard with the parents to benefit a child's learning environment.

Maxwell is very sad to be leaving both preschools that he attends at the present moment. Maxwell has come on leaps and bounds this year and it is thanks to 5 people that have helped him continuously over the last year. For the readers which have read my blog for a long time, you will know Maxwell attends a preschool that helps him with his speech. Since attending this preschool they have done nothing but help Maxwell continuously and I believe they have helped him become the social little butterfly that he is today. They have done so much with Maxwell and we are truly thankful to them. I feel their kind support and help goes unnoticed.

This month has been life changing to our family. Ben's sister gave birth meaning that we welcomed a beautiful niece and cousin to Maxwell into our family. It is safe to say I am besotted with the baby and Maxwell loves the baby very, very much. At first, I thought he may be jealous of the baby however he is very caring, kind and protective and talks about the baby a lot. Talking of babies, we will also be welcoming another baby into our family in the next few months. My sister is due to give birth soon and I am super excited about another baby - I love the newborn cuddles and I love extending our family. This time I am expecting a nephew so it is a super exciting time for all of us.

Finally, I have decided to learn to drive. At the age of 17 I decided to learn however after a while I gave up and put it on the back burner.  For the last 6 years Ben has driven me from A to B. I feel now is the right time to learn to drive, especially with Maxwell starting school. Learning to drive will open up many opportunities for me and will enable me to do more with Maxwell when Ben is working long hours. At the present moment I am looking for a good driving instructor but I am hoping to pass my test within a year.

That is my long update for June. How has your month been?

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