Zoo Matching Pairs & Free Download

Zoo Matching Pairs & Free Download
 Today I present to you Matching Pairs. This task is simple to follow however the sheet also doubles up as a colouring sheet. When Maxwell completes this sheet, I ask him to copy the colouring of the pictures on the right hand side. I feel this added task keeps him occupied for that little longer. To take part in this activity all you and your child need to do is match up the animal pairs.

To download the zoo matching pairs sheet all you need to do is:

1. Sign up to Dropbox which is a PDF sharing site. Dropbox will not try to sell you anything or send you spam emails. It is simply a sharing site.

2. Click this download to show the matching pairs sheet

3. In the top right corner hit download which will download the picture to your computer.

4. Print off my download and share my download with your family and friends. 
Zoo Matching Pairs & Free Download

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  1. Printing this now, my little ones will love this x


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