Monthly Update - May 2016 -

Life has been so busy recently and I have not seemed to have written an update about life. I thought I would start writing a post monthly about what we have been up to and how Maxwell is getting on. We have recently had quite a few busy months which have left me with little time to do much. Maxwell starts school in September so I have been trying to make the most of the time we have left together before school takes over our worlds.

Maxwell is well in himself however over the last few months he has had a few problems which resulted in him going to hospital with suspected meningitis. Although it was not meningitis Maxwell was in hospital for 4 days and on the 4th day, they were still unable to tell us what was wrong with him. At the present moment we are still going back and forth to the doctors, asking questions and not accepting there is nothing wrong with him, when we can clearly see there is an underlying issue somewhere. We hope we get the answers we desperately want soon.

I touched upon me wanting to spend as much as time with Maxwell as possible before he attends school in September, we were recently thrilled when we got confirmation that Maxwell had got into his first choice of school. In all honesty I was happy with our first 2 choices when it came to applying for schools for Maxwell. We live in a beautiful area and I know both schools would cater for his needs however our first choice won due to the acres of land they have, the activities they provide, the education that they can give him, the support they can continue to give Maxwell with his speech and the fact the school is attached to the junior school. We hope we have chosen the correct school for Maxwell and he will get the best education possible.

Maxwell is still attending swimming lessons every Sunday and is continuing to make super progress. Maxwell has now received 2 swimming badges and every week that we go swimming, Maxwell seems more confident in the water. It is amazing to see the progress he has made. Maxwell works so hard in his swimming lessons and I am so pleased he has decided that he wants to learn in the lessons that we provide for him. I am so pleased he is learning a life skill that is important for him to know.

Maxwell is getting on well at both his preschools however has made extraordinary progress at the preschool he attends that help him with his speech. In September Maxwell could barely string a few words together however Maxwell amazed me this week when he made his own unboxing video for YouTube. Although his speech is not up to the standard of many 4 year old's, I am amazed at his progress and I can not thank his school enough for the help and support they continue to offer. They go above and beyond and as a family I don't think we will ever be able to thank them for the help they have provided us with Maxwell's speech. If you wanted to have a look at Maxwell's unboxing video, you are able to view it here.

As a family we have been on a few fun days out and Maxwell has been playing in the park a lot due to the weather being fantastic. He especially loves to go to the park and play football with his Daddy. Maxwell often comments on the fact he would love to have football lessons and he would also love horse riding lessons. We will have to see where the summer will take us.

I hope this post has answered some questions about what we have been up to. We have a lot of things planned for May as a family and we can not wait to update you all in June about what we have been up to.

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