A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

1. Maxwell was a fantastic pageboy at my Sisters Wedding
2. Maxwell's speech continues to improve
3. Maxwell is developing every day
4. Maxwell has had a brilliant start to the holidays
5. Maxwell is ready to go back to preschool

A week ago, Maxwell, Ben and I attended my sisters wedding. We had a amazing day and it is a day we will all remember for the rest of our lives. The venue was simply beautiful, my sister looked amazing and the day ran smoothly! To start off with, we were very worried about how Maxwell would deal with the wedding but after a lot of explaining and telling him stories via happy land, Maxwell behaved well at the wedding and more importantly he really enjoyed himself. It was a lovely day and it saw Maxwell walk in front of around 50 people at a packed out church. We are super proud of him and are amazed at how well he behaved.

Maxwell's speech has continued to develop well. Maxwell is now able to say 3 words together and it is easier for me to understand what he is saying - other's still find it hard. Maxwell now enjoys speaking to my mum on the phone - he speaks a few words to her. We are looking forward to Maxwell starting his special school in September and can not wait to see the progress he makes.

Maxwell's development is coming on well. Looking at how Maxwell was 4 month's ago, it is amazing to see how well he is progressing. He is now able to use a fork and spoon to eat his dinner which he was unable to and keeps giving potty training a go. He also has tried the odd new food and his imaginative play is getting there. What he lack's in some areas, he does very well in other areas. We are very proud of him as a family.

Maxwell has had a lovely start to the holidays. Maxwell has had a fun filled holiday already which has seen him attend a wedding, spend time with my parents, go on days out, go out for meals and more importantly do crafts, play in the garden and go to the park. His favourite day out so far was when we went to the beach. Maxwell loved the beach, he loved playing near the sea and he enjoyed having fun in the sand!

Maxwell is ready to go back to preschool however he does need some new shoes. I started off early this year and week by week, I have been picking up Maxwell small bits to go back to preschool. I have found a lot of items in the sale which included a beautiful coat which was reduced form £25 down to £8 and some gloves for the winter from £3 down to 25p! I love bargains and I always manage to find a lot of winter clothing bargains in the summer. The most expensive thing which we found to have purchased so far was Maxwell's new preschool jumper/tshirt. It cost us a whopping £20!

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  1. The badged uniform is so expensive, 2 to buy for this year! Eeek


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