Thrifty Three Favs

We are just a few days into the month. I thought this would be a great opportunity to write about my 3 thrifty favs from last month. Last month was a quiet months in terms of things such as competition prizes however I did manage to get some other freebies which I am more than happy with.


Favorite bargain: For Christmas, I have been desperate to get Maxwell a few Playmobil sets. Playmobil is something which Maxwell adores, moving on from Happyland to something a little more grown up, I knew it was about time I started to source some sets. I was over the moon when I found out that Toys R Us were selling some Playmobil sets off for just £5. We decided to go and take a look around our local Toys R Us and were impressed to find quite a few bargains. In the end we managed to pick up £100 of  Playmobil for just £34 which is a fantastic saving. I can not wait to find more bargains and start the Christmas countdown, something which is far to early for some.

Favorite second hand find: My favourite second hand find this month has to be some books which I picked up for Maxwell at a charity shop. Maxwell is a keen book reader and enjoys being read to every night. I enjoy reading to him as I believe it helps his vocabulary which has started to improve every day. I manged to pick up 4 books for just £2 which I think is a great price when the RRP of one book is often more than that alone. I am looking forward to finding more books to read with Maxwell.

Favorite freebie: Last month I managed to get a whole load of goodies off a fantastic campaign called "So Post". For anyone that has not heard of "So Post" it is a a place where you are sent fantastic gifts from brands. The gifts are sent via social media and you need to be sent a gift from a friend to be able to claim your gift. Last month I was thrilled to get a full sized Rimmel lipstick, some amazing mascara, a can of Redbull and a few skin care products. What  I love about the So Post gifts is that they are mostly full sized. The mascara which I was sent had a RRP of £10, this is a massive saving for me and I am looking forward to receiving more gifts over the course of the year.


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