Our Day Out With The iCandy Raspberry Pushchair

Recently we were sent a iCandy Raspberry Pushchair to review. We have had the pushchair for a month now and we adore it. You are able to see our introduction to the pushchair here however today I wanted to write a post about our day out with the pushchair.

We took the iCandy  Raspberry Pushchair for a trip in the New Forest. We met my parents and decided to go for a walk in the forest, shortly after our walk we visited a lovely holiday park for a bite to eat.

The iCandy Raspberry Pushchair was easy to fit into the boot of the car. I was a little worried to see how it would fit in the car due to the fact we have a Ford Focus ST which I think has quite a small boot however it folded up neatly and fitted well. Due to us having a small boot, I feel this pushchair will fit in a arrange of boots so transportation is not a problem.

When we arrived at our destination, we got the pushchair out and put Maxwell into it straight away. The pushchair takes seconds to put up and the process of doing this is very easy. You simply push a button on the handle and a button on the chaise and this releases the pushchair.

As a family, we headed off on our walk. We had a brilliant time and Maxwell adored walking around the forest. After our walk we passed the holiday park and explored.We went to the park, went over a lot of speed bumps, went to the soft play and had fun in the arcades.

Throughout our whole day out, we were pleasantly surprised at how well the iCandy Raspberry pushchair handled itself. We found that the pushchair handled different terrains well. Although it did struggle over some grass areas where the grass was long, it handled speed bumps, concrete, wood and managed to handle bark - the type you get in the park well.

We found that the iCandy has some amazing features that really make it a massive hit in our household. We love the fact that the iCandy has a secret compartment which can hold keys, my phone and other items that need to be secured safely. The basket is designed well, it is large in size and can hold my handbag, Maxwell's bag along with a bag of shopping. I also adore the fact that the handle can be adjusted to suit your height, as I am very short this is a massive blessing in disguise.I was able to walk with ease when handling the pushchair.

We felt Maxwell had a comfy journey in the iCandy, the seat was big enough for him to sit in - despite him being a 3 year old and we found that the straps adjusted well to suit his size. The iCandy has a small footprint which is fantastic as it meant Maxwell and the pushchair could fit through small doors. With a older pushchair we found that Maxwell would have to often get out to fit through some doorways which can often be a pain.

Since having the pushchair we have taken it on day trips to the Isle Of Wight. We found that the pushchair was great to use on the ferry due to it being lightweight and easy to get through the aisle that people we sitting in. We have also taken the pushchair on bus journeys. Having hated taking my old pushchair on bus journeys, the iCandy is a dream to use on the bus. It fits well into pushchair spaces and if needs be it is easy to fold. It is compact enough to fit in storage areas or by your feet if there is enough space.

If you are looking for a pushchair which handles the city well but also can handle the country well, this pushchair is for you!

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this post
However I did receive the product for the purpose of this review. This post is written in my own words.


  1. this looks and sounds amazing! such a gorgeous design. i may look into getting E one!

  2. Great review! I love the look of that pram xx

  3. This looks brilliant, I'd need a double though


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