Thrifty Three Favs

This is a new post that I will be adding to my blog every month. Everyone always shows an interest on what bargains, freebies and finds I find so I thought it would be a good idea to make my finds into a post and share what I find monthly with all my readers.

Favourite bargain: My favourite bargain this month was a jumper which  I found in Dorothy Perkins. Our local Dorothy Perkins is closing down so I took full advantage of their sale. I managed to pick up a £26 jumper for just £4.60. It was reduced to just £5 and then had a further 10% off the price. I also found a gift card in my purse which made the jumper free - I won the gift card. I love finding clothes bargains as I am fussy when it comes to buying clothes.

Favourite second hand find: My favourite second hand find this month was parts of Maxwell's Happyland sets. Maxwell now has a huge collection of Happyland thanks to me buying sets at bargain prices. I managed to pick Maxwell the Happyland train set up for just £5 off a local selling site. I was happy to buy the train set in the  ELC sale from £50 to £22 however when I saw this second hand bargain I knew I had to purchase it straight away. Although it is second hand, it is in perfect condition and all the pieces are there. We have a happy purse and a happy Maxwell.

Favourite freebie: My favourite freebie this month was a designer T shirt for Maxwell and a game which I have put away for Christmas. I got these 2 freebies through a discount code which was taking £10 off no minimal spend on a website. I am very happy with my freebies and I know they will come in handy!


  1. Some great bargains! I have found a shop in my local area that sells food near its best before date, saved me a small fortune

  2. Super bargain queen. Love love love Happyland goodies. The tee sounds lovely!


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