Fathers Day Fashion Gift Ideas

Fathers Day Fashion Gift Ideas

Fathers Day is only a few weeks away. It is always a busy time of the year for me as I have two men to buy for, my Dad and Ben. Recently I have been thinking about what gifts I can buy Ben from Maxwell. When it comes to gifts, Ben can be quite hard to buy for however he has a keen eye for fashion. Due to being a fan of fashion it is often easy enough to pick up a few trendy items to fill his wardrobe with. This Fathers day I have been checking out Scott’s, a great store full of fashion items for men! I have made a little wishlist of items that  I think Ben would like to receive as gifts this Fathers Day.

Nike Roshe One Breeze £70 - Ben is a huge fan of shoes.  He has a large collection that tends to get bigger every month. Ben has recently shown a interest in owning a pair of Nike sports shoes due to them being in fashion and men wearing them for day to day purposes instead of sporting purposes. I love these shoes as they look a comfortable fit. Another reason I love these shoes is because they are a great colour and will hide a lot of dirt that Ben often moans about on his white trainers.

Fred Perry Laurel Tape Track Top £49 - Ben has wanted one of these Fred Perry tops for several months. I often like investing in these type of tops for Ben as not only do they keep him warm in the winter, but they are practical for warm summer nights when there is a light breeze. The colour of this top would work well with a lot of trousers Ben owns.

Fred Perry Crew T-Shirt £25 - Plain white T Shirts can be teamed with many outfits and are a great addition to add to any wardrobe. I love this T shirt as the fitting is quite straight, this is the fitting which Ben often buys. I feel this top is reasonably priced and would work well under the Fred Perry Track Top which I have already selected.

Original Penguin Rocks Fragrance Gift Set £25 - Ben owns many fragrance sets. Fragrance sets are a easy type of gift which I feel I can give Ben on special occasions. Although they are a easy gift, I often find it hard to find a scent which I feel he may like so I often guess what he may like. This set is fantastic as not only does it come with fragrance's but it also comes with a shave balm and a shower gel.

What will you be buying that special man in your life this Fathers Day?

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