Bargain Haul #1

Many of my readers know how I love to spot a bargain so I thought it was about time that I dedicated some sort of blog post to my bargain finding. This week's bargain finds are all from Tesco. Tesco decided to close it's doors to our Southampton Home Store last weekend and I visited 2 days before it closed. I can safely say, I was there at the right time to pick up a lot of bargains.

The bargains which I purchased were not just for me, they were for family and friends and some of the items which  I managed to purchase shall make a perfect stocking filler this Christmas for people around me. Below are a few items which I managed to get my hands on:

Black floppy hat - This was my favourite bargain of all and this can still be purchased on the Tesco website. It is priced at £14 however I managed to get this for just 50p which is a huge saving. I plan to wear this in the summer with a few nice maxi dresses.

Christmas Socks - I purchased around 5 lots of these. They were reduced to 36p each and I thought they would make a lovely stocking filler at Christmas for people that I make Christmas stocking up for. The socks came in there own unique material bag. They were around £3 before they were reduced so I managed to get all 5 pairs for under the value of 1 pair's original sale price.

Mr Tumble  Books - The books reportedly were over £15 before a sale price however I do not think this is the true value as I often buy books below what they have printed on them, either way  I managed to get these books for just £1.25. I will be putting these away for Maxwell for his Birthday.

Gloves -  I bought 2 pairs of gloves which I needed as I had managed to loose my last pair. Before they were put in the sale they were £2.50 each however I picked them up for just 13p a pair! They will not be used until later on in the year when the cold weather sets in again however they will be used and will save me money as I will not have to buy any gloves at fill price.

Jake Fisher Price ship - Maxwell has wanted this ship since as long as I could remember however the price tag put me off buying it for him. The pirate ship was priced at £40 which I deem to be very expensive for one toy so I was waiting for the ship to go down in price. Over recent months I have seen it for around £30 but I thought I would hold out a little longer to purchase it. I made the right choice in holding out for it as I managed to pick up the pirate ship for just £10! I am really pleased with this find and I shall be putting it away for Max's birthday.

As you can see I managed to get lots of bargains, I actually managed to get 2 bags of bits along with the pirate ship for just under £20 which I think is amazing. These type of bargains can not always be found but when I know shops are shutting down in our local town, I always visit. I often find that shops start heavily reducing a few days before they are due to shut, if you visit then you get the best pick of the bargains wheres if you leave it to the last day you will get the tat no one wants.

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