Fun Halloween Crafts With Baker Ross

A few weeks ago Maxwell and I were sent a lovely box of goodies from Baker Ross. The box was full of Halloween crafts. After having a look at them I was excited to start crafting with Maxwell. Inside the box there were some fun 3D Halloween Kits as well as some Halloween Scratch Art Masks. Maxwell and I settled down to complete the crafts together.

We first of all started with the 3D Halloween Kits. Inside the kit there was 4 different designs to complete. Maxwell needed quite a lot of help with this activity due to the fact that there were lots of fiddly parts, however the 3D Halloween Kits did not take us long to complete. 

Maxwell and I simply arranged the paper to make a round spider body shape. The spider was attached together with a split pin, we then went on to attach the spiders legs with a split pin. Before attaching the legs Maxwell and I crinkled the legs. At first I thought we may need to use glue to attach the spiders mouth and eyes to the spiders body however the mouth and eyes had sticky packs, this made it simple for Maxwell to place the mouth and eyes on the spider. 

Finally we attached a piece of ribbon to the top of the spider, this allowed the spider to hang. I was pleasantly surprised with how well the 3D kits turned out and we will be using the decorations on Halloween to scare any cheeky trick or treat guests.  

After completing the 3D Kits, Maxwell and I decided to make the scratch art masks. I was really excited to create these masks with Maxwell, Maxwell needed very little help with this activity so Maxwell and I decided to create a mask each. I created a cat whilst Maxwell created a pumpkin.

The masks looked like a simple black plain mask however there were sticks in the packs to create fun designs on the masks. All you had to do was simply use the sticks to scratch away at the masks to make designs. Maxwell decided to draw all over his whilst I carefully added cat ears, whiskers and created glowing eyes however once completed the masks both looked fantastic.

Once we had completed the mask we simply attached a piece of elastic to them to ensure that they would fit round our faces. The masks fitted around both mine and Maxwell's faces and I think the end result looked brilliant.

Overall we were very happy with our Baker Ross crafts and once again were impressed by there fantastic quality. If you would like to buy the scratch masks you are able to buy them here. If you are interested in purchasing the 3D decoration kits you are able to buy them here.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.


  1. This looks like you had so much fun! I adore the mask you made! Max looks amazing in his. x

  2. the mask looks great! looks like he enjoyed himself

  3. Aww Max is a cute little dude, looks so proud of his mask too.

  4. Ahhh I love the little spider! I often order from Baker Ross as their kits and resources are so cheap and good quality!


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