4 Weeks Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell has made the transition from cot to bed
  2. Maxwell has started to try and dress him self
  3. Maxwell has had a lovely summer
  4. Maxwell is looking forward to going back to preschool
  5. Maxwell adores dancing
What a busy 4 weeks we have had! You may have not seen but me and Maxwell have been up to all sorts of activities. We made the most of the 4 weeks and we managed to do so many activities together which was lovely. I have not updated my readers on how Maxwell has been getting on so I thought it was about time I did a large update.

A few months ago Ben and I decided to buy Max a cot bed, we had it delivered to Ben's Nan's house and we forgot that it was there for many months. Me and Ben discussed Maxwell's transition to cot and bed and we were a little worried, however we need not be. Maxwell has adapted to his new bed very well and since Maxwell has made the transition to his big boys bed we have only had one night where Maxwell refused to go to bed and played up for 2 hours. Throughout those 2 hours I took Maxwell back to his bed each time and showed him no attention. He soon go the message that he was not going to win the fight and ever since Maxwell has stayed in his bed. Maxwell goes to bed at 7am at night and sleeps all the way through to around 6am in the morning which is brilliant. We are both extremely proud at how well Maxwell has settled into being in a big boys bed and he has been rewarded with Peppa Pig magazines.

Recently Maxwell has started to want to be come very independent and he is now at the stage where he tries to dress himself as well as put his own shoes on. Maxwell is able to put his own shorts on, his own wellies and will attempt to put any shoes on that have Velcro on, he also takes his own socks off and tries to help get his t-shirt on and off. It will not be long before Maxwell is picking his own outfits out in the morning and getting dressed himself.

If I am honest I was dreading summer a little. I didn't want to have a boring summer with Maxwell and I wanted to make it as fun as possible for him.  In the end me and  Maxwell got up to lots of activities, all which were a lot of fun. I have found new activities to do with Maxwell which I now will keep doing with him and I am looking forward to next years summer holidays so we can make more amazing memory's!

Maxwell returns to preschool tomorrow and I think he has missed going a little. It took a while for Maxwell to adjust to not going so he will be surprised that he will be returning. On his return Maxwell will be going for 2 mornings a week instead of the one and in the last few weeks we have found that we are able to rent our house for another year meaning Maxwell will not have to move preschool's which is fantastic news as I like to keep him as settled as much as possible.

Maxwell has started to really take a interest in music and he now loves to dance, slide and jump around the room when music comes on. The video below shows how mad about music he is.

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