Sorting Game #31daysoffun

Maxwell loves to learn and he also loves to play games so today I managed to come up with an educational game for Maxwell to play with. The game encouraged Maxwell to count as well as match colours up, he was amused with the game for around 30 minutes and the game was made out of materials I had in the house.

The game was made up of 3 things, plastic cheap cups I had picked up in Asda, some stretchy animals Baker Ross had sent us and some fish foam stickers which Baker Ross had also sent us. All the items cost me under £5 and they made up a fun game for Maxwell. 

To create the game, I laid 3 plastic cups out on a flat space and in front of the cups I added 3 bright coloured stretchy animals. I then gave Maxwell the foam fish and asked him to put them in the cups and match them with the stretchy animal which was in front of them. Although Maxwell got a few wrong, he enjoyed the task and even started to count the fish out.

This game can be made up with many objects which you may find around the home. It is easy to set up and is a great game to get your children learning new skills.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this post.
However we did receive the Baker Ross products for free which I have mentioned in this post. I have written all my own thoughts in this post.

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