Sealife Stained Glass Effect Decorations #31daysoffun

Part of Maxwell's box of goodies from Baker Ross included a fun stained glass effect decoration kit as well as some glue. The set looked like a lot of fun and we were eager to use the kit. Due to Monday being wet and the grass being a little muddy outside we decided that we would do some fun indoor activities for our 11th day of activities.

The kit we were sent came with 6 decorations. The decorations were sea life shaped and came pre cut. All Maxwell had to do was simply pop out the pre cut parts of the decoration out and he was ready to cut the coloured cellophane sheets to create a pretty stained glass effect.

Maxwell carefully applied a small amount of glue with my help round the edging of the pre-cut hole of the decoration. With my help also Maxwell cut small amounts of cellophane and carefully stuck them down on the decoration. If there were any gaps, the decoration only needed a little glue added to the piece of cellophane and we carefully overlapped the cellophane to fill the hole.

We left the decoration to dry and after a few hours we added some ribbon to the decoration to hang it. We decided to hang the decoration in the conservatory where it was able to get a lot of light and create a beautiful effect.

Maxwell found that this was a fun activity. The sets only cost £3.95 and with 6 decorations in a set, your child can have hours of fun completing beautiful decorations. If you are looking to buy a set you are able to buy them here.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this post.
However we did receive a mosaic craft set which is included in this post. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.

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