Mosaics #31daysoffun

Being part of the Baker Ross blogging network allows us to receive some brilliant crafts from time to time. Maxwell has recently been doing lots of crafts and today saw us complete a fantastic mosaic craft set that Baker Ross had kindly sent us. The set was easy to complete and with a little help from Mummy, Maxwell managed to create a brilliant heart picture which would be fab to give to family members.

The kit we were sent came with 5 different mosaics in, all were brightly coloured and looked fun to complete. Upon opening one of the kits we found that there were instructions, foam squares, a large square of foam which had square guidelines on and a large heart shape which would go in the middle of the square of foam to complete the mosaic. 


I was impressed to see that the small squares which needed to be stuck to the large piece of foam all had sticky backs on. Maxwell needed a little help to remove the sticky pack protective cover however once I had helped him do this, he had no trouble placing the foam squares in the square guidelines.

The mosaics took no longer than 25 minutes for Maxwell to complete and he really enjoyed doing the task. Once completed the mosaics were really bright and it was clear to see Maxwell had carefully managed to put the mosaic together.

I think these sets are brilliant to give to family at Christmas to say that special thank you. The mosaics look bright and it is clear to see a child has put a lot of effort into making them which I think is lovely! We really enjoyed creating our mosaics and we are hoping to do some more in the next few weeks, ahead of Christmas. You are able to look at Baker Ross's mosaic range here. 

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this post.
However we did receive a mosaic craft set which is included in this post. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.


  1. What a great product looks like lots of fun

  2. Perfect for my busy little two year old, she loves doing art.

  3. great, we do a lot of arty things, its always a good way to connect and have fun :)

  4. I could enjoy this with my grandsons

  5. Just love it, first steps towards creativity, looks a really engaging task


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