Having Fun With Pipe Cleaners #31daysoffun

Baker Ross sent us a lovely box of goodies recently and inside were some pipe cleaners.I knew instantly I wanted to use them in our 31 days of fun and I set about coming up with ideas on how to use them. I thought about threading beads on to them and number counting however in the end I decided to let Maxwell play independently and allow him to practice his fine motor skills.

You will simply need:
A pack of pipe cleaners

How to:
I grabbed the pack of Baker Ross pipe cleaners and carefully split them up and put them in groups of colours. This allowed Maxwell to hear me tell him the colours of the cleaners and gave him the chance to repeat the colours to me.
Grab the colander and show your child how they can easily thread the pipe cleaners through the colanders holes.
Allow your child to play. There is no wrong or right way of doing this activity! Remember it is fun!

This activity allows children to get creative but also helps children understand their colours and it can help improve coordination. A great part of this activity is that the pipe cleaners can be reused over and over again and the activity is a cheap activity to do.

I was surprised at how much Maxwell enjoyed this activity and how long he spent doing it.It kept Maxwell entertained for over 30 mins and after he kept going back to it. I will be doing this activity with Maxwell weekly as I believe it will help him identify colours.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this post.
However we did receive a pipe cleaners which I have mentioned in this post. I have written all my own thoughts in this post.

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