A Trip Aboard A Steam Train - #31daysoffun

Day 6 of Maxwell's 31 days of fun consisted of Maxwell going to Eastleigh Railway in Southampton. Maxwell got to ride a steam train on his visit and he also got to see ducks, go through a scary dark tunnel and play in a fabulous play park. We went with A.Rachel and Maxwell had a fantastic day of fun.

Upon arrival of Eastleigh Railway, there was plenty of parking. The parking was free and the parking was situated next to the entrance. At the front of the entrance there were toilets. Once we had walked into the entrance we were greeted by an amazing ticket office. it was the old fashioned sort and the ticket office gave old fashioned train tickets. Entry was priced fairly and it cost us just £8.50 to get in. We paid for 2 adult tickets and 1 child tickets and the tickets were return tickets for the steam train. 

The steam train left the station every 20 mins, unfortunately we had managed to just miss the steam train when we had arrived however there was lots for Maxwell to see and do whilst we waited. Thomas The Tank engine played in the back ground on a large TV screen, there were plenty of trains which were out of action which Maxwell was able to look at and there was a map to show Maxwell where the steam train was situated. The map was fantastic and allowed us to tell Maxwell were the train was and how long it would be before it got to us.  

 After a short wait the steam train arrived back at the station and picked us up. At first Maxwell was a little scared but as soon as the steam train started to move, Maxwell soon brightened up and was full of smiles. After a 10 min journey the train dropped us off and we arrived at the lake, picnic area and play park. We visited the play park straight away.

The play park was easy to access and was a clean, friendly park. There was a lot of things for children to do and the park was suitable for all ages. Maxwell adored sliding on the slide, playing on the see-saw and he adored pretending he was driving his own train. We spent a while in the park and decided to head to the lake.

The lake was a short walk away form the park. Once at the lake we had a little walk around and managed to see lots of wildlife. Maxwell's favorite part of the day was seeing the ducks. The ducks came up to Maxwell and decided to sit in front of him for a while. There were also swans at the lake and we managed to spot a lot of fish.


After the lake we decided to head back, we waited patiently for the train and jumped on it when it arrived. The journey back was pleasant however we did travel back through a long tunnel which Maxwell was not keen on. The return journey back lasted around 10 mins and once back at the station we could choose if we wanted to go to the gift shop or the cafe.

Overall we had a fantastic day out and we are planning a trip back to Eastleigh Steam Railway again. We are especially excited to see that they do Thomas The Tank Engine days out and a special Santa Day Out nearer Christmas.

We were not asked to write this post or compensated in any way. 
We paid for this visit ourselves and wanted to share our visit with our readers.

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