Top Tips To Keep Your Children Cool In The Sun

Maxwell has been a little fussy since this hot weather settled in so as a parent I have been trying my hardest to keep him happy and cool at the same time. Here are some of my top tips to keep children cool this summer.

Keep the curtains drawn - In the summer we like to keep the curtains closed. We do this so the sun does not shine into the house and create heat. Simply by shutting the curtains and leaving the windows closed in the day can keep the house a lot cooler. At night keeping the curtains closed but leaving the windows open will make the house a lot cooler. We have recently purchased Maxwell some blackout curtains, they are great in the summer months as not only do they keep the light out when it is time for bed but they are also great at keeping the heat out.

Always make sure your child is wearing loose fitted clothing - I always make sure Maxwell is in loose fitted clothes in the summer months. I believe this keeps Maxwell cooler in the day time. At night I put Maxwell in a simple vest and he sometimes has the option to wear shorts. I normally give Maxwell a cotton blanket to go over at him at night. I have found that if he did not wear any clothing he would actually get hotter and this would leave him hot and bothered in the day time and unable to sleep at night. 

Wet play is fun! - Maxwell has been enjoying lots of water themed activities in this hot weather. From having fun in his paddling pool, to sensory themed water activities, to cool baths, Maxwell is a huge fan of keeping cool in the summer. When having fun in water please make sure your child is covered up. We have recently purchased Maxwell a fantastic swimsuit which keeps him covered from the sun. Maxwell also has a lot of sun cream put on him before enjoying any outside water activities. The last thing you want is for your child to be burnt. 

Keep things calm - In this weather I find that Maxwell can get hot and irritated and a 10 mile hike is not going to keep him happy and cool instead I am a big fan of relaxing however relaxing does not mean that your child can not have fun. In this hot weather I have found card games, magazines, coloring books and reading books have been my best friend. Not only are these activities learning activities but they are also activities which involve sitting down and keeping cool. 

Let your child have food choices - Maxwell has been off his food recently so I have been allowing Maxwell to choose what he would like to eat. Maxwell's favorite food at the present moment is salad, pizza and fruit. Maxwell has also enjoyed snacking on sandwiches, crackers and cheese and of course ice lollies. I have found giving Maxwell a choice makes meal times much easier. If Maxwell does not want to eat a meal I will encourage him to at least have a snack. I also encourage Maxwell to keep well hydrated in this weather and I like to keep his juice/water cooled in the fridge. 

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