Max Rates..... May 2014 Holiday Edition

In a few weeks we are going on holiday so this months Max Rates is based on what Max will be wearing on holiday. I have taken lots of different clothes from different places, this hopefully shows my readers you can buy bits and pieces for children on a budget.

Mothercare First Walker Crab Jelly Shoe
I bought these for Maxwell as I thought not only would they be good for Maxwell around the pool or to play in but also they would be great in the garden this summer for Maxwell when he is getting in and out of his paddling pool and playing in the garden.

Denim Chinos
Chinos tend to be a little less thicker than jeans. Max doesn't really like wearing shorts so whilst the weather isn't sweltering hot, I thought these would be perfect. 

Swimming Towel Poncho
I thought this poncho would be perfect for Maxwell whilst he is away. He is able to take it to the beach or the pool and even use it when he is getting a bath. I love the colour and the price is fab.

Dino Swim Wear Set
This swimwear set is perfect for Maxwell to use on holiday. Whilst playing on the beach it will protect and cover him from the sun but whilst in the swimming pool it will keep him a little warmer than just wearing swim shorts. I love the cute dino picture.

Ahoy Pjs
These colourful PJs look perfect for our holiday. If it is a little cooler at night I will know Maxwell is warm in them however if it is a little hotter at night I can easily pull Maxwells trouser legs and sleeves up.

Stripe T-Shirt
This little T-shirt is a bargain at just £4. It is suitable for day to day use and is colourful and fun. It would look great with a pair of jeans/chinos and a nice jumper when it is cool at night.

Zip Through Sweater
The sweater is lovely. Featuring a hood and a bright little logo, this would be the perfect touch to Maxwell's outfits. It would keep him warm in the cooler weather and he would look very smart in it. Priced at £35 it seems to be a little luxury however I always find hoodies/jumpers last Maxwell a while so I would be happy to pay a higher price for it.  


  1. Where did you get the denim chinos?

    1. I got Maxwell's from H&M - There is a link in the post to them if you click Denim Chinos. It looks like they are mostly sold out now which is crazy as I only got them on Thursday for him. I expect they will come back into stock however as most thing's do at H&M - Failing that you may find them in store :) x

  2. Jelly shoes <3 His is gonna be a cute little dude :-)

  3. lovely selection you got! Brilliant!

  4. That's such a cute collection of clothes! I miss little boy outfits......

  5. Awww he's going to look adorable :)

  6. I just bought Olive some jelly shoes from Next - great for walking in the river at Linford Bottom too!

  7. love the Ahoy mate top! love it! x

  8. Love the pirate pj's. Harry has a pirate themed room so would love these


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