A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell has been playing independently.
  2. Maxwell has been having little temper tantrums.
  3. Maxwell bought Mummy special Mother's Day treats.
  4. Maxwell has been eating a range of food.
This week has seen Maxwell playing independently with his toys. Instead of wanting to play with me all the time and instead of demanding my attention, Maxwell has been playing nicely by himself. Maxwell has been building blocks, playing with his cars and has enjoyed solving his own puzzles.

Maxwell has started to have little temper tantrums. If Maxwell does not like something, he now likes to scream, run away or pull away from what he does not like what is happening. This week I have been ignoring his temper tantrums and have them run their course instead of giving into him. I hope by next week the temper tantrums die down a little and Maxwell is back to his happy self. 

Maxwell spoiled me this year on Mothers Day and managed to buy me a nice cardigan as well as a lovely box of chocolates. I also was given a cute card which had sweet little hedgehogs on. On Mothers Day I also had a lovely bouquet of flowers delivered. We had a fantastic day and I was treated to a takeaway from Ben in the evening. I am looking forward to lots more Mothers Days. 

Maxwell has continued to try new foods and has started to eat lots of different things. Maxwell now enjoys sandwiches, crackers and occasionally baked beans for lunches. Maxwell also is enjoyed crepes, pancakes and cereal bars for breakfast. It is great to see him eat lots more foods. 


  1. Maxwell is growing up so fast, it makes things easier when little ones eat a bigger range of food. It's lovely to hear how her is doing :)


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