Life Lately

I have not done a update recently on my blog of what we as a family have been up to, although I have written about what Max has been up to there are many new things in our life which are going on.

In just 2 weeks we shall be moving into our new home. We are not moving far, only 20 mins up the road however it will be a change. I don't really know the area which we are moving to so it will be fun for me and Maxwell to explore the local area. We will also be moving close to my Grandad which is wonderful. Recently I have been seeing him once a week however I am hoping to visit him more once we move. For the last 2 years we have only lived in a maisonette. Our first maisonette did not have a garden and this maisonette's garden is unusable so it is going to be brilliant moving into a house where Maxwell is able to play.

With moving, there comes clearing junk. Fortunately for us we only moved 6 months ago so a lot of our stuff has been sorted already. The overwhelming thing I have found however is all the new things I have come across since packing. Most things are competition wins however there are things which I have bought and forgotten about, just yesterday I found a huge box of toiletries and I then went on to find a ton of new swimming stuff for Maxwell which is perfect as the local swimming pool is only 30 mins walk from our new house.

A few weeks back I blogged about a weird rash I kept getting and how I had been quite poorly. At the present moment the rash is much better and I have been quite well in myself. I am hoping once we move I will be very much back on the mend and I will stop feeling less tired and stressed.

People have been asking me about my Silent Sunday photos and where I have been capturing them. As the weather has been a lot better in recent weeks, at the weekend Ben has been taking us for drives in the New Forest and down to Calshot Beach and Lepe Beach. All these places are on our doorstep. Over the past few weeks, Ii have realised what a beautiful area we actually live in and how blessed we are to live here.

Finally the most exciting news I have for you is that I will be a bridesmaid at my sisters wedding next August. I am really excited as not have I only never been to a wedding but I am looking forward to being part of my sisters wedding day. Being asked to be bridesmaid for my sister has also spurred me on to loose some weight... I am looking at either joining the gym once we move or buying a treadmill for the conservatory.


  1. How exciting for you moving house, we moved closer to my dad and the girls love it. I bet you can't wait for next August to arrive, I love a good wedding and one day would love to be a bridesmaid :) x

  2. Good luck with the move. We are still waiting for our exchange frustrating ;(


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