A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell celebrated World Book Day 2014
  2. Maxwell has started to say more words
  3. Maxwell is a lot more affectionate
  4. Maxwell has been a little mischievous 
  5. Maxwell is being very helpful
Maxwell had great fun celebrating World Book Day and decided to dress up as Funny Bones. Not only is this a favourite book of Maxwell's it was also a favourite book of mine as a child. Maxwell really enjoyed his day and we spent lots of time reading books together.

This week Maxwell has managed to say a few more words. New words include Peppa, Penguin, Onsie and Spider. Maxwell likes learning by seeing things so with the help of a new game which we bought him and pointing to characters that he sees he is able to learn new words. This week we purchased him some new games for his Easter present so he can maybe pick up a few more words.

Maxwell has been a lot more affectionate recently. Maxwell understands to kiss you if you ask for a kiss and he understands to hug you if you ask for a hug.  Maxwell also loves to blow kisses and loves to surprise you with a hug and a kiss.

After the crayon incident a few weeks ago, Maxwell has continued to be a little mischievous. From trying to rip curtains down from hiding food up his sleeves at dinner and throwing it in the bin, he seems to have had a little naughty side to him. Saying this Maxwell is a good boy the majority of time and after he is told no he understands.

Maxwell has continued to be helpful around the home and this week has seen him brushing the floor, throwing rubbish in the bin, tidying his room and cleaning up a spill from his drink. Although I am present when he is cleaning and being helpful Maxwell is very independent and enjoys going to get a wet wipe at his own accord and cleaning things up. 

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