Valentines Gifts In Unusual Places

Since having Maxwell I have always found it a little difficult to buy presents for Ben on Valentines day. Me and Ben used to enjoy going to the cinema, the panto or going out for a meal however we now have Maxwell to look after so I have found for the past few years that I have needed to come up with special present ideas for Ben to enjoy on Valentines Day.

This year instead of buying Ben items which I think he will enjoy and may not need, I have come up with useful gift ideas for him which I know he would need and use thanks to The ideas I have come up will not only be useful for Ben at home but also at work and in his daily life.

Here are my five gift ideas for Ben this Valentines Day..

Fabric Diamond Onesie - £17.50 - I thought Ben would enjoy this gift as he has been moaning that he needs a new onsie. Not only will it keep him warm in bed it will also be perfect for him to lounge around in after a hard day at work.

Nike Velox Football - £17 -  Ben is always saying he want's to have a kick about at the park so this Valentines day he will get the chance to. Not only will he be able to have fun with his friends, he will also be able to include Maxwell in his football fun.

Firetrap Pop Wallet - £9.99 - For a while now Ben had been saying to me that he is need of a new wallet. I think Ben would like this Firetrap wallet due to its simple style yet its stylish look. The wallet has enough compartments and slots so this would be perfect for Ben.

Smart Sky Genius Helicopter - £10 - Ben is a big kid at heart and would love nothing more than to fly his toy helicopter around our local park. This gift would be perfect for Ben to enjoy on his days off.

Nike Turtle Neck Golf Baselayer Top Mens - £19 - Although Ben does not play golf, this baselayer top is the perfect gift for him this Valentines day. Ben works in a very cold freezer at work and often says he gets cold at night so this would be the perfect gift to keep him warm at work.

What are you planning to buy your loved one this Valentines Day?

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