A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell has stopped having naps in the day
  2. Maxwell went out for lunch
  3. Maxwell is saying more words
  4. Maxwell is learning ride around on his balance bike
  5. Maxwell has been very giggly
Maxwell has recently stopped having naps. He used to have a 1 hour nap a day however he has cut the naps and now goes to bed a little earlier at night. I have noticed this has improved his sleep and we manage to pack more fun into our day.

Maxwell went out for lunch this week. We had a lovely time and Maxwell enjoyed himself. Maxwell adores going out and always enjoys his food. He also loves nosing around the restaurant to see what others are up to and he likes to get peoples attention to try and talk to them. 

Maxwell is slowly still trying to say more words. It is still frustrating that he knows what we are saying yet is still finding it hard to communicate with us. He now is at the stage where he likes to point to things to let us know what he wants or holds our hands and takes us to a room to show us what he wants. 

Maxwell was recently sent a balance bike (review coming soon). Maxwell has really been enjoying himself on it and has been going round in the house on it whilst he gets his balance a bit better. Me and Ben are looking to buy him a helmet over the next few weeks so we maybe able to take him to the park and let him have a ride on it. Maxwell really enjoys going on it.

Maxwell has been very giggly over the last few weeks. He is always breaking out in a fit of laughter at the most simplest things whether it be on the TV, something he is doing or something else is doing. 

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