A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

1 - Maxwell enjoys jumping.
2 - Maxwell likes playing skittles.
3 - Maxwell likes posing for photos.
4 - Maxwell's speech is slowly improving.
5 - Maxwell has started to enjoy playing independently.

Maxwell has started to enjoy jumping around the house. Every time he gets a little excited you see him jump up and down or run around the house whilst jumping. This week saw Maxwell get a Happy Hopper which he has enjoyed hopping around his room on. In the summer months it will be nice to see Maxwell jumping around the garden. 

Maxwell has found a new game to play. He adores making skittles out of Megabloks, he builds a long line and then stands them up. He then aims his soft ball which he has to play in the house with and aims the ball and hits all the "skittles" over. He then goes and stands the "skittles" up and hits them down again. This has created hours of fun and enjoyment.  

Maxwell has become more aware of me taking photos of him and has started to pose for photos. Some days he does not want his photo taken so he runs away and hides, or hides behind his hands. This to me shows how independent Maxwell is becoming as he now has choices. 

Maxwell's speech is something which I have been concerned about. Maxwell can point to things such as his facial features and is well aware of number counting however Maxwell refuses to speak. Maxwell can say a handful of words and knows there meaning, but it is frustrating to see him not stringing sentences together. 

Maxwell has started to play independently which has been nice to see. He used to want to sit with me and be cuddled or played with all day however this has now changed and Maxwell enjoys playing with his toys on his own and can keep himself amused for a good 20 mins at a time. This has allowed me to get on with household jobs however it is still nice to see that sometimes he still wants that cuddle and still enjoys Mummy playing with him in the afternoon.

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