A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

I have not wrote one of these posts in what seems ages. Since I last wrote on here about Maxwell's development, he really has bloomed into a amazing little boy. Maxwell continues to amaze me with everything he manages to take in daily.

1 - Maxwell understands where his feet are.
2 - Maxwell continues to help around the house.
3 - Maxwell has celebrated his 2nd Birthday.
4 - Maxwell has learnt to ride around on a ride on.
5 - Maxwell has learnt how to jump.

Recently Maxwell has started to understand things that you say to him. Maxwell seems to learn things by watching. This week Maxwell has learnt where his feet are and where his nose is. If you ask Maxwell where his shoes are he can reply that they are gone if they are not on his feet, if you ask him to go and get his shoes, he will fetch them. I love that he is starting to understand things and I hope he starts talking a little more soon.

Maxwell has been really helpful around the house. He now understands he must put the toys he is playing with back in his toy box before he starts playing with other toys. Maxwell continues to put rubbish in the bin and he likes to make sure his hands are always clean. If they are dirty he will get a wet wipe to clean them.

Maxwell celebrated his 2nd Birthday. It seems so strange how fast he is growing. He is no longer my baby which I can cradle. He is now a independent toddler which loves learning, being cheeky and adores playing and seeing his family.

At Christmas we bought Maxwell a Mega Blok ride on. Maxwell has come on leaps and bounds with it and now can ride around the house on it independently. His ride on has a small tray where he likes to store his most precious belongings such as his books and his Innotab.  It has been fun watching him learn how to ride around.

After watching a few TV programmes and seeing other children jumping in real life, Maxwell loves to jump around. Last week saw me buy Maxwell a Happy Hopper so he could really start to enjoy bouncing and jumping around.

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