Christmas At Longdown Dairy Farm

On my Birthday this year, we thought it would be nice to take Maxwell somewhere that little bit magical. For weeks and weeks I had been planning on a nice trip and finally I came up with the idea of taking him to our local farm to meet Father Christmas.

The local farm is not that far away from us. It is around a 10 minute drive and is situated in Ashurst which is in the New Forest. The farm is called Longdown Dairy Farm. I had heard nothing but good reviews from other parents so I was excited to go and see what all the fuss was about.

Upon arrival we parked in a large car-park. The car-park was large and allowed many visitors to park in it. There were no set bays which enabled us plenty of space for Maxwell to get in and out of the car which I find is always important. From the car park the farm is a short walk across the road.

Once arriving at the farm we were shown into a marquee where activities were set out for children to have fun with. There were a long row of benches for people to sit down on and small table which let people buy refreshments. Maxwell loved the activities which were set out for him. One being a huge wooden standing cow with wooden boards that he lifted up and was able to see pictures of animals as well as facts about the farm.

After Maxwell had enjoyed the activities we were shown into the Christmas barn. First of all we were able to sit down and enjoy holding chicks. Unfortunately  Maxwell was not keen on them and we ended up putting the chick back however it was a wonderful experience and perhaps when Maxwell is a little older he will enjoy chicks more.

We then had the opportunity to meet a few other animals which included sheep, a donkey, goats and a turkey. Maxwell adored the donkey and spent a while touching him and stroking him. Maxwell was sad to leave the animals as he was called to go into Santa's Grotto by a giant elf.

Once in the Grotto we were able to sit next to Santa and we were given a small gift by the elf. Santa tried to talk to Maxwell however Maxwell seemed a little scared by him and was reduced to tears meaning we eventually had to leave Santa in his grotto however Maxwell was impressed with his present which was a lovely board book which will help him learn colours as he grows.

Overall we had a lovely time at the farm. There were a lot of things to see and do for children including colouring and dressing up and I would definitely reccomend it to families. We paid around £10 to get in which included 3 adults and 1 child which I found was quite reasonable.

I am hoping to take Maxwell again next year, hopefully he will no longer be scared of Santa!


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