A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell has learnt his first words
  2. Maxwell enjoyed going to a party
  3. Maxwell has been spoilt
  4. Maxwell is excited to be moving
  5. Maxwell is eating a wider range of foods
Yesterday  Maxwell started to say his first words. I have been a little worried that Maxwell manages to speak all day in baby talk yet has not grasped the fact of learning new words and not being able to communicate with me. Yesterday was such a proud day.  I was shocked that when I said "o no" to Maxwell he managed to say it back. I can not wait for him to learn more words and communicate with me more.

Maxwell went to Grandads birthday this weekend. We ate lots of food and Maxwell enjoyed running around and burning off lots of energy as well as eating lots of peas and chocolate birthday cake (not together). We had a great day and it was lovely to see my parents as we have not seen them for a while.

Maxwell has been extremely spoilt over the last week. From bedroom stuff, to new toys and clothes Maxwell has been bought a lot. One of the biggest things we have spent money on is getting Maxwell new things for his new bedroom. I have bought, bedding, curtains, accessories and even a new book shelf which is of course all Disney Cars. I can not wait to move and see the outcome of all mine and Ben's hard work.

Maxwell is excited to be moving. He has helped us pack lots of stuff away as well as help choose things in shops to buy for our new house. We are both excited for summer to come round so we can spend time in our garden, have fun and create lots of memories.

I have recently talked about Maxwell not eating many foods however this week we have had a lot of progress with Maxwell's eating. Maxwell has become confident eating puddings such as yoghurt and mousse by himself. Maxwell does struggle to scrape the bottom of the pot however it is fabulous to see how quickly he is developing.

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