Treat Republic Wooden Keepsake Box Review

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I love making memories but most of all I enjoy keeping memories. Since Maxwell was born I have kept a lot of his baby things which I can not bare to part with however they were sat in a draw as I had no where special to keep them. This all changed when Treat Republic recently sent us a lovely wooden keepsake box to keep all Maxwell's baby memory's in.

Treat Republic offer two different designs of wooden boxes, a giraffe design and a acon design. We choose the Acon design to review as I felt the design would grow with Maxwell and go well in his room. I was able to have the box personalised so it had Maxwell's full name on. Normally I have a little trouble having Maxwell's full name printed on things as it is very long however Treat Republic had no problem putting the name on the box for me.

When the box arrived I was extremely impressed by the quality. The box was well made and had a smooth finish. There were no rough edges, no sharp corners and the acon design looked beautiful. The box had a easy to use clip clasp opening which ensures all the items in the box are safely kept. The box is a good size and I found I was able to put a lot of items in it.

These boxes would make a lovely gift for young children and their parents. Looking back now I would have appreciated this gift when Maxwell was first born however I also believe they would be fantastic for christenings, birthdays and even Christmas.

Overall I am impressed with Treat Republic as a company. The box was sent out fast and I found the company to be really friendly.  

You can find more about Treat Republic on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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