A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell has learnt to carry shopping bags and pack the contents away
  2. Maxwell has been preparing for the winter
  3. Maxwell has been building
  4. Maxwell is obsessed with eyes and ears
  5. Maxwell has a great aim
Maxwell is always extremely helpful however this week he has learnt a new helpful skill. Every week I get or food shopping delivered, simply because it is difficult to reach the supermarket as Ben works long hours and also I find that I tend to spend less than I would if I went shopping in a supermarket. 
Normally Ben is in bed when the food shopping comes so it is left for Maxwell and I to bring the shopping up the stairs and pack it away however this week Maxwell decided he would carry all the bags from the landing into the kitchen and then help put the shopping away. 

Maxwell is preparing for the winter. This week we took him shopping and got him some new bits to keep him warm. We settled on getting him some new dungarees, a jumper and some funky long sleeved t shirts. I already managed to buy him his winter coat and some other bits in the last 2 months, so we do not have much left to get.

Maxwell has really come on leaps on bounds with learning how to build his Megabloks. Only a few months ago he struggled to make a tower with the blocks however Maxwell is now able to make large towers as well as creative shapes. 

Maxwell is obsessed with eyes and ears. He loves to touch and feel them and loves to flick his Daddy's ears and poke me in my eyes. Maxwell has been learning so much recently. 

Maxwell loves playing with his ball recently. He has developed amazing aim and sometimes even throws the ball at you without looking. He has also stared to learn to kick it. I am really proud that he has picked up these skills so well, especially at his age. 

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