A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell had a lovely day out at the farm
  2. Maxwell has a love for music
  3. Maxwell enjoys playing with water
  4. Maxwell likes to store things
  5. Maxwell had a surprise in the post
At the weekend we visited Finkley Down Farm, you are able to read my review here. Maxwell enjoyed the farm and it was lovely to see him run around and have a fantastic day out. Maxwell has a huge love of animals and I loved seeing how excited he got around them. I loved seeing him learn new things on the day and I can not wait to go on more family days out with him in the future.

Maxwell has had a love for music since he was born however over the last month, I have seen Maxwell develop a love for music even more. Maxwell enjoys to dance in front of the TV, sing along to his favourite songs and loves to play with his musical instruments. Me and Ben have a love for music so I hope that as Maxwell grows up he shares our love.

Maxwell is a water baby and loves to have baths. This week however I have let him have tubs of water to play with. He loves to splash the water everywhere including over himself and he also loves to put his hands under a running tap. We have fun adding bubbles into the water and Maxwell also loves to add glitter.

Maxwell  has a habit of storing things. We recently were sent a little green bin and since we were sent it Maxwell has used it to store his Playmobil people. He also enjoys storing his Megabloks and things which come off his toys. The bin is always put in a safe place and no one is allowed to move it.

Around a month ago I was lucky enough to win a Chupa Chups lolly wheel. We had waited and waited for it to come and it finally arrived yesterday. As you can see Maxwell is amazed by it however I think he is too young to be eating them and there is also a safety risk. Does any one have any ideas with what I can do with the wheel rather than me and Ben eating them all?

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