A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell loves grapes
  2. Maxwell has a lot more hair
  3. Maxwell has become a lot more independent
  4. Maxwell has found his and other peoples ears
  5. Maxwell went to his 1st car boot sale
Maxwell has developed a love of grapes. Over the last week he has eaten grapes every day and he hates to stop after eating them. Maxwell has always loved fruit however grapes have turned into his firm favourite. 

Maxwell has always not had a lot of hair however over the last week, it has grown and grown and is much longer. When Maxwell was born he had a birthmark on the back of his head, however his hair has started to cover the mark which makes the back of his head look a lot better.

Maxwell has become a lot more independent.  He has been enjoying watching the TV on his own as well as playing with his toys more independently. He continues to be helpful around the house however he is still having his outbursts. I believe he is in his "terrible twos" a little early.

Maxwell has found his own ears as well as other peoples. He enjoys pulling my ears and playing with them. If someone is on TV and he is able to see their ears, he runs up to the TV and points at the persons ears. Its become a slight obsession but a funny one. 

On Sunday the weather was beautiful so we decided to make our way to our local car boot sale! Maxwell really enjoyed his self and we let him choose some toys for himself (with a little help) at the big toy stalls. Maxwell choose a new electric toy guitar, a happy land space ship which came with the people, a small garage and a big Disney Lightning Mcqueen car. Whilst there we also found a rug for Maxwell's Disney car room. We had a fab day out!

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