Prize Wishlist Update!

At the beginning of the year I wrote a prize wish list which I wanted to win for our family before Christmas. I have had not had so much time to enter competitions recently however, I have had some fantastic wins this year.

I wanted to win:

A Holiday/ Weekend Break

A Day trip somewhere    I have so far managed to win some tickets to go to Paultons park and I have also managed to win some tickets to go to Wembley stadium for a tour!

Some toys for Maxwell   I have managed to win quite a few toys for Maxwell so far.  I have won a few which are a little old for him however I plan to leave them in a box for next Christmas.

Disney Car Stuff

A cool Kitchen Gadget   I have half completed this task as I won a ton of bakery stuff at the beginning of the year however I also managed to win a cool yogurt maker! I hope to win a electrical item before the end of the year.

Some shopping/food vouchers  I have managed to win a few hundreds worth of vouchers this year. Fantastic ones include Nandos, Tesco, Amazon and Costa. I love winning vouchers as they always come in handy.

A posh dinner somewhere

Some Recipe books/ Cooking class

A new changing bag/Pushchair

Some Fitness Equipment

Some Clothing

Something Pandora related

Anything Caravan/Yacht related for my parents

Anything house related for my sister

Christmas/Birthday presents for people I have managed to win a few presents so far this year and have not spent much on Birthday presents however I need to start winning more for Christmas.

As you can see I have a little more things to complete but anything is possible before the end of the year. I need to focus on entering more competitions!


Thank you for commenting! Have a lovely day!