My Wish/To Do List

I have made a list that I hope Maxwell, Ben and I will get round to doing one day. I have added it to my to do list and I hope to tick off as the year goes on.
Ben works full time (6-7 nights a week) so we rarely get to spend much time together. 
There are goals I am hoping that Maxwell will achieve before his 2nd Birthday. 
There are dreams that I wish about.

1.) Go on a plane
2.) Go on a date night with Ben
3.) Have some family photos taken
4.) Swim with dolphins
5.) Go to Disney Land and meet our favorite characters
6.) Go to the theatre
7.) Visit Legoland
8.) Ride on a Steam Train
9.) Go to a Movie Premier
10.) Move to a new house
11.) Go to the dog races
12.) Go on the London Eye
13.) Visit the Harry Potter Studios
14.) Go to a music concert
15.) Have a movie day
16.) Visit the Titanic museum
17.) Sleep under the stars
18.) Go horse riding
19.) Meet someone famous
20.) Go to Lapland at Christmas to see Santa
21.) Buy cirque du soleil tickets
22.) Swim with fishes
23.) See a Volcano
24.) Enter a story competition
25.) Visit Hamleys
27.) Go on holiday
28.) Go to a toy factory
29.) Visit somewhere exclusive
30.) Try Thai
31.) Build a huge sandcastle
32.) Go to a cookery lesson
33.) Teach Maxwell to swim
34.) Learn to drive
35.) Potty train Maxwell
36.) Go on a Road Trip
37.) Visit the farm
38.) Go to Build A Bear Factory
39.) Be on Television
40:) Go on a Canal boat
41:) Visit the USA
42.) Visit the London Dungeons
43.) Go to France
44.) Be a Zoo Keeper (or Safari Park!) for the day
45.) Go on a Cruise
46.) Go to Thomas Land
47.) Be in the newspaper
48.) Go to a festival
49.) Get some fish
50.)Teach Maxwell to Talk

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  1. Disney Land and Legoland are a must for young children. We went on a steam train at York Rail Museum and loved it.

    Cirque Du Soleil is something I have wanted to go see also and to see a volcano would be amazing.

    Fab list! I hope you get to tick them all off :-)


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