A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

First of all apologies for not giving a recent update on Maxwell's development. Ben has been having the weekends off and I have been snowed under since returning from Britmums however everything is back on track now, so expect regular updates. In the last few weeks Maxwell has developed a lot.
  1. Maxwell spent the 1st night away from me
  2. Maxwell has learnt to walk around in my shoes
  3. Maxwell is enjoying more foods
  4. Maxwell is an Official Tomy Reviewer
  5. Maxwell went to Monkey World
Last Friday night it was mine and Maxwell's first night apart since he was born. I was in London for Britmums and he was with Nanny and Grandad as well as with A.Rachel and U.Rob. I was pretty sad laying in my hotel room thinking about him but I knew he was safe and whilst I was away he had a lovely time. He got up to lots of things including a shopping trip, hung the washing out, playing a lot in the garden as well as building castles with his Grandad .

Maxwell has developed a love for my shoes. Since being home from London Maxwell has decided he must have a pair in the living room with him and he loves to slip them on and walk around them. He has mastered wearing them well and can surprisingly walk well in them. He just needs to learn how to turn around in them now. 

As many of my regular readers know, Maxwell has not been into wet food. He likes food which he can eat by himself with his fingers and refuses anything wet and refuses to be fed by anyone however in the last few weeks Maxwell has been eating noodles, rice and cereal. He still refuses to let anyone feed him but I am happy he is eating new foods.

Maxwell is a Official Tomy Reviewer!! We were extremely surprised to be chosen for such a big thing! I am over the moon as well as Maxwell is. We are looking forward to bringing our readers top reviews and we are looking forward to putting the toys through there paces.

Maxwell was lucky enough to go to Monkey World this weekend. We had a great day out and we enjoyed ourselves. The weather was hot and Maxwell loved seeing the monkeys. I would say the park is a great place to take the children for a day out. There are a lot of things to see and do. 

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