Bargain Hunting #13 - Extreme Couponing

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Yesterday was a great day for the Mummy To The Max household. I managed to save over £50 simply by using coupons and getting great deals on reduced items.

First off I popped to Boots to get myself some toiletries to take to London with me for Britmums. I went into the shop and went to the Kiosk to get the best deals off my Advantage Card.
There were some great deals including bronzer makeup down to £2.50 instead of its £5.50 price tag and 10% off deodorants/body sprays.
I then headed to the reduced section and was amazed at what I saw. Shampoo down form a £1 to 50p and dry hair shampoo from £2.50 to £1. I picked up 2 of each and headed to the checkout along with some body spray and my bronzer.
I paid for my items and once I had left the shop I found that I had been charged 50p for the dry shampoo instead of £1 and they had taken 20% off the body spray instead of the original 10%. I managed to save over £10 on my Boots shop and I also got advantage points as well as a voucher for half price sunglasses.

We then headed to Tesco, I had no plans of what to buy but my purse was full of coupons so I went around the shop working out what I could buy with my coupons and getting some shopping to feed us for the week minus fruit,salad and veg which I buy from our local market.
I had £4 Walkers coupons, £3 Fox Biscuit coupons and £5 Pampers coupons to use... I also had a lot of £1 coupons and some coupons to use from my Bzzagent trials to use.
Whilst in Tesco I spotted that they had a fab deal on Huggies Baby Wipes - 9 packs for a small £6.28 which is a great saving as I normally only see the wipes on offer at £1 a pack. Before I left my house I also spotted that Tesco were selling there jumbo boxes of Pampers nappies off at £5 so I asked for them to look out the back and to my surprise they had a box - 68 nappies for £5!!

When I went to the checkout I was unsure how much my shopping would cost as I had walked around the shop working out the price in my head and had calculated I would need to spend around £13 of my own money once I had used vouchers.

My shopping came to £49 and I got it for £11.79 which is a amazing saving! I got paid to take the Pampers nappies away as I had a £5 voucher from P&G and also a £1 voucher when you buy pampers nappies in Tesco. I also got paid to take some of the cheese's away as the voucher was more expensive than some of the products. I had a £4 off voucher for a £40 spend as well.

I had a great day of shopping and managed huge savings.

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