A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell likes to walk around in Mummy's shoes
  2. Maxwell has a new toy 
  3. Maxwell went out for his first pub lunch
  4. Maxwell has had his first cold 
  5. Maxwell has learnt to do handstands. 
This week Maxwell has been busy trying to walk around in my shoes. He is not keen on his own shoes but when it comes to my shoes it is a different story. His favorite pair are the pair I have bought for Britmums. They are black and have gold decorating. He has always been a magpie and loves sparkly stuff so maybe this is why he loves them so much.

This week I bought Maxwell a new set of skittles. I found them in Tesco's and they were a complete bargain so I had to buy them. Recently Maxwell has had a interest in balls and has enjoyed throwing them around. Maxwell enjoyed playing with the skittles for a while but then decided it was more fun to throw them at Mummy and Daddy. For now they have been confiscated.

Maxwell went out for his first lunch this week. We went to a pub in the New Forest and Maxwell had a great time. He ate fish fingers, chips, peas and Mummy's salad and he was as good as gold. Everyone in the pub kept saying how well behaved he was and they were surprised when he cleared the whole of his plate.

Maxwell and I have not been very well this week. I have had a sinus infection and Maxwell managed to get a cold. He dealt with it very well and although he was sleepy he still managed to eat well. He has a sore nose now and looks a little like Rudolph the reindeer.
Maxwell has been doing handstands around the lounge this week. He bends over and looks between his legs and tries to throw his legs in the air. He normally ends up toppling over but he enjoys doing it.

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