A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

Maxwell has been enjoying the sun.
He is a clean machine.
  1. Maxwell has had fun in the sun.
  2. Maxwell has been busy in the kitchen.
  3. Maxwell is speaking a lot more.
  4. Maxwell understands to tidy his mess up.
  5. I bought Maxwell A E Reader to read his books on.
This week we have been very lucky to have brilliant weather. The sun has been shining and it has been hot. Maxwell spent some time round his Auntie Rachel's at the weekend and had fun playing with his ball in the garden as well as blowing lots of bubbles. Maxwell has also been out on his trike this week which he loved.

Maxwell and I have been cooking a storm in the kitchen this week, from cakes to Mexican food, Maxwell loves to get involved. He loves mixing the cake mix and also likes eating ingredients. He will soon need a new chef outfit as his is getting a little too small. 

Maxwell has been speaking a lot more this week and I think he is close to saying more words, he is saying Mumma and Dadda well and tries to speak other words. He also makes lots of sounds.

Maxwell has always been good at tidying up behind himself but this week I have seen a real difference in him. After getting his toys out, he has started to put them away without me asking him to. He manages to always put all his Playmobil bits back in the bag once using them and also puts all his teddy's back in his cot if he gets them out.

This week I bought Maxwell a E-reader. I know Maxwell is small however when I go to Britmums and other places I do not want to take tons of books to my Mums as Maxwell really enjoys listing to other reading him books. I bought him this to keep him entertained. I will also use it when I need to. It was a complete bargain being just £30 from £80 and I had vouchers to buy it.

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