A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

Maxwell has been waving
Maxwell loves to make things
  1. Maxwell took his 1st trip to Toys R Us.
  2. Maxwell loves to play ball.
  3. Maxwell loves to stack.
  4. Maxwell loves to wave.
  5. We have been busy crafting.
This week we visited Toys R Us. I am normally a bit sceptical of going to toy stores as I remember as a child I would always want something and I would make my parents buy me it so I expect Maxwell to be the same however Maxwell was as good as gold and we picked up some bits for him. 
Maxwell was treated to a huge Little Tikes Carrier and 2 playskool toys which have gone into the Christmas/Birthday box I am sure he will enjoy them when he gets the chance to play with them.

Maxwell has been charging around a lot recently. He has learnt to run and since he has learnt he can not stop. He loves to run around the house mainly whilst throwing his ball we bought him. His throwing skills are great and he can throw quite far considering how small he is.

Maxwell loves to stack things. We bought him some blocks to stack this week, where he has to match shapes together and colours however he also loves to stack books and toys including his Playmobil cars.

Maxwell has masted waving. He loves to wave at people if they say "Hiya" or "Cya" but he also likes to wave at people on TV of they are waving or people in the street. He always thinks its very amusing. 

Finally Maxwell and I have been busy crafting this week. We have made lots of things including badges with our badge it we were sent to review but we also have been drawing and creating toilet roll characters to go with Maxwell's books when I read him a story. 


  1. awwww, look at him waving, such a big boy, love him xx

  2. Yay! I think Dex will be a late developer to be honest - hasn't mastered anything of note yet. I love Max waving - that's so cute x


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