A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

Maxwell has not been his usual self this week.
We are planning some exciting trips for the summer.
  1. Maxwell has been poorly this week.
  2. Maxwell took his first trip to the doctors.
  3. Maxwell's new trike/buggy came.
  4. Maxwell is planing his first trip to Paultons Park.
  5. Maxwell's favourite game to play is hide and seek.
This week has not been a fun week. Maxwell has been very poorly with a viruses and it has seen him not being the normal fun little boy he normally is. The virus really hit him hard and he spent a lot of time sleeping and crying. It was awful to see my helpless little boy just lying there and knowing there was nothing I could do about it. Maxwell ended up getting so bad we went to visit a emergency doctor.  He hated the doctor and worked himself into a state. The doctor gave us some medicine to give to Maxwell and thankfully he is now getting back to his usual self.

Last week Maxwell and I were lucky to win a new buggy. Not the push a long buggy, a buggy for Maxwell to sit in for the summer and explore. It has a parent handle so I am able to push it along and it is in the shape of a car. It has a cool bonnet where we are able to put our belongings when we go out. It will be getting a lot of use in the summer. 

Maxwell and I are lucky enough to live in the New Forest and live just a short car ride away from Paultons park. Last year we thought Maxwell was a too young to visit, however this summer me and my sister plan to take Maxwell for a day out. We have got the tickets to go so we will definitively be visiting. Maxwell loves Peppa Pig so he will love Peppa Pig world which is at the park. 

Whilst Maxwell was poorly, he didn't want to do much however since he has been a little better he loves playing hide and seek with me. He loves to hide behind me and jump out on me when I pretend I do not know where he is. He has got very cheeky. He also loves to hide behind my laptop if I am on it and jump up and scream with laughter. 

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