You can never push rewind

Sometimes in life there is something that hits you so hard, that you forget so many simple things and focus on things that really matter. You feel other peoples pain and learn things from it.

Tonight I have forgot about petty little arguments I have had with people, things people have done to make me angry and forgot so many other problems and worries I have in life.
I actually need to start thinking what I need in life to make me happy and live my life the way I need to and make the most of it.

Maxwell is my main focus in life and without him I don't think I could live, eat or breathe without knowing he's just ready to show me his cheeky grin round the corner. 
He is my main reason of why I live. The reason I smile, the reason I make sacrifices in life, just so I know he never goes without. Everything I do in life is for him.

Maxwell makes me proud every day, I look into his eyes and cant believe I managed to bring such a beautiful little boy into this world. Every day is different, everyday is a huge learning curve. Every day he manages to make me laugh.

Today's new game and something to make me laugh was to put his favourite objects down the back of his radiator - 2 wet wipes, his polar bear, a dummy, a packet of biscuits and Mummy's hair clip.

Something he did today to make me proud was to walk around the house just holding my hand, just how I had been wanting him to do for weeks.

So from this day today I have decided I am going to write a post every week to highlight what Maxwell has done to make me smile, what he has achieved in that week as I don't really write about it enough.

I will be able to show him in a few years time just why he has made me the proudest Mummy in the whole entire world and why he will continue to make me proud throughout my life.

Remember life is short. Remember to kiss the people you love every day and make sure they know how special they truly are to you, you can never get a single day back.

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  1. Great post. So often we get consumed with the petty stuff and we forget to smother our little men with kisses x


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